Monday , May , 21 , 2007 C.Y. Ellis

The Professor – Diary #8


I was up at mini-camp the 14th through the 16th in New York enjoying
myself. Its always cool when the whole team comes together under one
roof. I start to get excited to play ball, see guys I ain’t seen in a
long time, and most of all just joke around and talk shit. Some people
don’t know we got some funny ass dudes on our squad! Everyone is a
character within themselves and our funny in their own way. Honestly if
they did a TV show on only the funny stuff that’s happened on the bus,
it’d be entertaining as hell because these dudes are hilarious. So I know
when we all come together its gonna be a good time no matter what. The
first day we got together we had a rehearsal of the new show on ESPN
called ‘Up Front’. Its a show that features and previews all of the ESPN
series that are coming on for the new season, but in a comedy and
theatrical type setting. They had us (And 1 Mixtape team), Mike and Mike,
some skit with Donavan Mcnabb and Serena Williams, along with a much of
other new shows they were previewing on the segment. In our segment we went through a couple sets that basically displayed what we’re all about as a team. We came out in 2 lines and I first played Hot Sauce 1 on 1, then Bad Santa came out and played D on Sauce. After that the dunkers
came into play catching alleyoops from Bad Santa and I. Then we grouped
together and did a tip drill off the backboard with everyone and the
last person which was Assassin dunked it to end it. After that we
hustled up, said And 1 on three, then gave a wave to the crowd and
exited the stage. The crowd loved it and I think it was a good look for
us. I think they’ll welcome us back in the future.

For the next couple days it was mostly on-court type stuff. We had a
practice each day and a series of meetings covering everything for the
tour such as media, rules, scheduling, appearances and more. The
practices went well, I’m getting hyped as hell to get the season started
though and face some All-Star teams, it should be interesting. At night
usually some of the guys are always in the club. I’m the type of
guy who goes out every now and then. I pick and choose my times to go
out because in my opinion its bad to overdo it, and I can get burned out
energy wise. On Tuesday night, myself, Escalade, Springs, and Baby Shaq
all went out to this spot in Manhattan called Retox. We had a good time;
that’s where the picture of Escalade, Springs and I was taken.

Next up for me is the beginning of filming ‘Ball Don’t Lie’ May 29th
which I’m super hyped about. Its 4th quarter right now with my acting
lessons so I’m going hard right now. Ill keep y’all posted on how things
are on the set, in the meantime be on the lookout for more….