Thursday , Jun , 07 , 2007 C.Y. Ellis

The Professor – Diary #9


As I sit here on one of my days off reflecting on the past and thinking about the future, it only excites me. So many things are different in streetball now with different tours, new faces, its much more commercial now.

I mean you got people out there giving themselves streetball nicknames and making their own videos of themselves and putting them on Then you got all these myspace streetballers, who got their own pages with videos showing their whole crew. And the whole inspiration for those kids making their own crews, and making their own videos, and giving themselves nicknames came directly from the And 1 Mixtape tour.

I get excited when i think about how the destiny of the future of streetball is in our hands. Ive been doing everything i can to get ready for this upcoming tour and to be honest I’m looking forward to finding some new victims. I’m back to probably the best shape I’ve been in, my jumper is better than it’s ever been, and my ball handling is as it always is.

I have a new approach to the game and am looking forward to killing with it on tour this year. For the past few months I’ve probably played over 30 streetball games and averaged about 25 or 30 a game. Thats more than I ever scored in the past simply because I didn’t get that many touches per game and my approach was totally different. With the addition to some of the new guys on our team this years tour should be ridiculous.

We got dudes that people are sleeping on right now. My guy Springs that recently did an interview with hoopsvibe is the best kept secret in streetball right now but I doubt that secret will be kept after this summer, lol.I mean just to give you a sneak peak, check out this video of him going between the legs from the free throw line!!! click  few months and averaged 40, no exaggeration.

With myself, Kenny Bruner aka bad santa, and springs in the back court we murdered people. Scores were like 210 to 117. Or 130 to 90. Crazy victory margins like that. Kenny is the best streetball defender in the game, he averages nearly a triple double every night. And you can’t deny the entertainment factor either with myself, hot sauce, and new addition Silk, who is often slept on as well.

So all in all i just wanted to state how excited i am, approaching this upcoming tour and putting my hard work to test. Ill be posting more often on here now, i was caught up for a couple weeks and slipped, but im back. Stay tuned……