Sunday , Jul , 08 , 2007 C.Y. Ellis

The Professor – Diary #10


The first few games of the tour were very different from each other,
which each one getting better. Our game in NYC was real physical and
more of a straight up game as usual. It always turns out that way in NYC
because the players we play against take so much pride in playing in
their home city which is the mecca of streetball and they are not trying
to get made look bad no matter what, even if that means fouling and
making the game ugly. But in the end we definitely ended up killing, won
by about 10 or 15. It was a good note to start the tour out on, just knew that we needed to step up the entertainment aspect keep it movin.

In Boston it was another real good team we faced but we ended up killing them too without a problem. Finally last Saturday in ATL we had a good all around and entertaining game. I personally had my best game of the tour despite wrapping the movie ‘Ball Don’t Lie’ at 4 in the morning! I then jumped on the 6am flight out of LAX and got to ATL at 230pm, and the game started at 3! I went straight to the court took about 10 jumpers and started playing. I came out a little slow but then got going the 2nd half. I had some good alley oop passes, made a dude slip on a spin move and had about 3 steals to cap off a 20pt victory. If there was an MVP of this game though, it would go to Baby Shaq no question! He had about 40 and killed some dude they were calling Mr Atlanta. He dunked on some dude so bad too, it was rediculous, shut it down!

Next game is in Philly the 14th of this month and im expecting big things. Now that I wrapped the movie ill have an opportunity to get back to the tip top shape i was in before the movie started. I haven’t had a chance to be in full basketball mode and kill like ive wanted to but now is the time ill get an opportunity. The first two games it was brutal having to take the red eye flight then go straight to the airport from the game without laying down….tough! but thats what its all about.

Filming my movie was one of the greatest experiences of my life. I’m
almost more proud of the work i put in filming that movie then anything
else in my life including basketball. I went into the world of acting
which i knew very little about and ended up carrying a movie and had the producers and cast tell me i did excellent work. I’m looking foward to
seeing the final project, but don’t wanna say too much about it. The
cast is amazing with the likes of a lot of recognizable actors such as
Ludacris, Nick Cannon, Mykelti Williamson, Harrold Perrineau, Steve
Harris, Rosanna Arquette, and James Pickins Jr. just to name a few! so
I’m really looking foward to the final product which won’t be out till
next year.

I went to the rap party on Sunday night right from the
airport when I flew back and had a great time. Just about everyone from
the crew and cast showed up, which can be rare on films such as this
one. Stay tuned for more blogging coming soon now that i have
downtime……..In the meantime, I’m going to answer some of the
questions that are on the board below…..Stay tuned!