Sunday , Jul , 15 , 2007 C.Y. Ellis

The Professor – Diary #11


Ever since the first episode of Streetball aired on ESPN 2 last Tuesday,
my whole outlook on the tour has been re-energized. When I saw how good the first show came out I knew right away that with the group of guys we have today we can be just as successful as a tour as we’ve always been, if not more. The feedback after the first episode was great amongst
players and fans. Its apparent when you see the show that there is no
drama in the air between guys and we all like to see one another do

We just got done with our fourth game of the tour yesterday in Philly and it was crazy. The outdoor arena set up seats 5000 and there was at least 4800 in there, so it was packed out. The starting group came out the
gate a little slow but then picked it up about 3 minutes in. The crowd
was ready to go nuts over anything halfway exciting. When the 2nd group
went in with myself, Hotsauce, Springs, Bad Santa, and 8th wonder we
began to take over with the showtime and on the scoreboard. I had my
best half scoring 15 pts and helped create a huge gap in the lead. I
only missed one shot the entire game which I was real happy with. Bad
Santa was ripping people before they could cross half court and Hot
Sauce was lookin like his old self. Sauce got an iso on the wing in the
2nd quarter that made everyone go crazy……he crossed a dude, put it
between his legs inside out style snatched it back, did slow motion then
passed it to me under the hoop for the layup. The crowd loved it!

Springs was out there doing him in a major way. On three different fast
breaks in the game he did 2 windmills from about 13 or 14ft, then on a
3rd break he put it between his legs and shut it down! His athleticism
is ridiculous. But if there were an mvp of this game it would have to
go to my guy, Baby Shaq. He scored 30 pts and at one point in the 4th
had about 15 or so in a row! He hit 3 threes in a row then had a dunk
and a floater, he killed some dude that had a heavy body frame similar
to his build, I’m sure that dude is somewhere embarassed right now.

I’m on the plane right now back to LA for a few days because I’ve got
some work to do for the acting side of things. I’m doing a photo shoot to
get shots for an acting portfolio and having a couple meetings to look
for representation out in LA for movies and commercials and what not. From LA ill be going back to DC for the next game.

I’m excited for episode 3 to come out, which I saw a rough cut of the
other day. It covers a lot of our players lives outside of the tour as
well. It shows sauce in ATL hangin’ out, Bad Santa in Cali at home playin’
in the Dre league, and shows myself on the movie set of Ball Don’t Lie
which should be dope….. Streetball on ESPN 2 airs 930 pm pacific time
on Tuesday night and re-airs every Wednesday as well. Check listings for
time changes, which are usually common.