Monday , Jul , 23 , 2007 C.Y. Ellis

Michael Beasley Breakdown

Michael Beasley is 6’9, 235 pounds, has a good inside/outside game and can bang down low in the post. He also plays well facing the basket.

He can catch and shoot the ball anywhere on the court, and has deep range. He likes to hit fade aways from 15 feet. He is good on the fast break and can throw down powerful dunks. He has solid ball handling skills and has nice passing abilities. Michael is a very good rebounder and a decent shot blocker. He has a strong body, with good body control and good length. He can be an intimidating player that can get in opponents’ heads, and when he says something, most of the time he backs it up.

I really like the form on his shot; it gives it a nice stroke. Some people say they think he has a bad attitude, is cocky, and doesn’t even put full effort in on the court. But according to people who know him well say he just likes to play with confidence, and is a hard worker who loves to practice and get better.

Now sometimes he can get out of hand and lack discipline, but if he gets the right coach to handle him, he’ll most likely improve. He still needs to become more consistent in many areas of his game. Mentally must get his head right before some of his traits become career habits. He can get frustrated when things aren’t going right and it takes him out of his game. Developing mental toughness and maturity will be a huge plus for him. There are times when the competition isn’t challenging enough for him and he gets bored and tends to not play as hard.

Defensively he could improve, but must be willing to put effort in to learn the fundamentals and not just depend on his athleticism. He still may have a chance to grow an inch or two, but even if he doesn’t he should still be able to play three positions: power forward, small forward and even center at times.

Overall Michael has the talent to become a great NBA player, he just has to keep his mind focused on playing consistently. He also must keep the right attitude on the court, and not let negative things affect his play.  He must not let his head get too big to the point he feels this is too easy and he doesn’t have to play as hard. He reminds me of Rasheed Wallace.