Monday , Jul , 23 , 2007 C.Y. Ellis

The Professor – Diary #13


The Professor - Diary #13

As were exactly halfway through the summer tour at this point, I think things have been great so far…….we toughest competition the first
game in New York as always and smacked a legit team by about 20, we beat a real nice team in Boston who could have definitely competed with the NYC team, we sold out Philly and Atlanta and put on good shows, and we killed it in DC this past weekend at the mixtape game and at Berry Farms.

Berry Farms is like the Rucker of DC. Its got that crazy hostile
intense streetball type atmosphere that you can only get in a few
places. Before we played there on Friday we were 1 and 1 down there in
our anual game verses DC’s finest. I hadn’t played there last year
because of my broken foot but I had played there in 2005 and in my mind I had a subpar performance. Not that it was an easy task being that I was matched up against Kurt Smith, who is one of DC’s all time most noteable streetball legends and I was only 20 years old. So as you can guess, I was looking for redemption this year which is exactly what I
got. When you play in those spots its all about holdin it down and
that’s exactly what myself and the whole squad did. When I first subed
in the game I immediately got the ball on a clearout which is typical.

My approach to streetball games nowadays is way better then it was 2 years back when I played there. If someone gives me even an inch of space to let my jumper fly, I let it go no matter what. Nowadays I force people to come out and guard me just by simply shooting over them till they feel they need to get out on me. So when I had the iso the first 2 possesions I was in, I didn’t waste anytime in attacking, I scored 3
straight buckets changing the momentum of the game and putting the
confidence of the game in our squads hands.

They always say a fight is easier when you throw the first punch, so by attacking first I feel I win way more streetball battles, that’s some advice Mike Ellis had told me that I always remembered……Baby shaq absolutely shut it down scoring about 30 or 40. At one point he came down jus across half court and threw himself a bullet pass off the backboard and when he got in the key he jumped for it and dunked it back…….at that moment I swear on everything it was the most amazing display of athleticism I’ve ever seen in person! Ridiculous……helicopter and springs were both killing as well, down the stretch when we were trading buckets in the closing minutes, copter showed why he is the leading scorere over seas in the Japanese pro league. He scored about 10 straight and sealed the win for us. DC’s finest wasn’t familiar with Springs so when he started killing and coming into his own they had no answer, his athleticism is out of this world but he also has a wet J, with a nice handle. And all of that showed out Friday night and more.

The next day when we faced the same exact team we did the night before at berry farms it was more of the same domination. We smacked them by 30 and they pretty much laid down and it got a little stagnant. So towards the end when no dribbling or dunking was exciting the crowd I said to myself, ‘why don’t I just try to get a dunk for the first time, because nothin else is working.’ So I was like fuck it, let me try. Sure enough I caught the ball in the open court and threw myself an alleyoop off the bounce and dunked it clean. That should be on the fifth or sixth episode I would guess; this Monday or Tuesday the 3rd episode of streetball will air 9:30 pacific time, 12:30 eastern time…….