Wednesday , Nov , 21 , 2007 C.Y. Ellis

Five Reasons the LA Lakers’ Fans Should Not Be Excited

Although the Lakers have beaten Indiana and Chicago, what does that really prove? Nothing. Kobe Bryant is good enough to give the Lakers’ fans hopes, but the rest of the team is bad enough to make the rest of the fans call Mitch and demand that Andrew Bynum be traded.

1. You’re depressed that Kwame Brown, the man with the hardest hands in the NBA, is out for several weeks. That’s like being upset after Delta Burke dumps you because you know, deep down, that you can’t do any better.
2. Your big trade is for Trevor Ariza, a player who was moved out of the starting lineup for David Lee by Larry Brown and later packaged with Penny Hardaway for Stevie Franchise by Isiah Thomas.

3. Andrew Bynum is being required to mature while being verbally abused by the Colorado Mamba.

4. Lamar Odom still isn’t right. He’s one of my favorite players on that team – in the league – but the guy just can’t catch a break. Until he does, Kobe has, at best, marginal help.
5. They have to play in Boston on Friday night.