Wednesday , Nov , 28 , 2007 C.Y. Ellis

When the Sonics Come to Town, Go to the Game

When the Sonics come to town to play your team, make sure to go to the game. Go to the game for two reasons: Firstly, you will get to see a Sonics team that is fun to watch. Secondly, there is a good chance your team will win. So, there’s a good chance you’ll see a good team that your side is likely to beat. That’s a great combination.

In their last game, they made the Lakers finish strong. Before that, at home, they kept close on the heels of San Antonio for about three periods. They’re likely to fail in the end, though. The night before that, they made a strong run at beating the Nets. Again, however, there was failure. 

Before that, Durant started giving us excitement early in the season with plays like this buzzer-beater against Atlanta (note that I watch Atlanta games in order to root against them as the Suns get their pick this year):

Durant is simply fun to watch. He moves like silk and is deceptively long and tall. Watching him move, you’d never guess that he’s 6’9”. Durant symbolizes why it’s good to have your team play his: He’s exciting enough to watch, but not quite good enough (yet) to cause you real concern.

But it does not end with Durant. Wally Szczerbiak is above-mediocre (if still overpaid), while the Delonte West/ Earl Watson guard combo gives a lot of energy without being offensively refined, and the now-rotating big men of Chris Wilcox, Nick Collison and Kurt Thomas are serviceable. And that “other” lottery-pick, Jeff Green? He’s getting 10 and 6 in 23 minutes a game (Durant is averaging 19 and 4 with 33 minutes).

There is enough there to keep the Sonics in the games for a while, but not enough there to allow them to consistently finish off their opponents. That they cannot finish is part of the reason they are looking to Chris Wilcox as their go-to-guy (at least according to the hopes of this fan).

“Potential” just means you haven’t done anything yet, but the fans in Seattle should be excited but for the continuing legal battles. In the meantime, though, make sure to catch the Sonics when they come to play your home team.