Wednesday , Nov , 28 , 2007 C.Y. Ellis

Classic Clip of the Day: Michael Jordan Making His Name

If, like me, you’re a hoops fan with too much time on your hands, the chances are you’ll have asked, or been asked, this question: Who’s the nicest player in the NBA? 

Do you go with Kobe Bryant, the late-game assassin capable of dropping fifty at one end and putting you in a straitjacket at the other? Would you give the nod to LeBron James, the young buck with a knack for the triple-double and a beard that suggests Amish ancestry? How about Kevin Garnett, Dwight Howard or another of the game’s elite bigs?

While the candidates for top dog status are numerous right now, there’s generally only one name that comes up when discussing the baddest man in the history of the game: Michael Jordan. Back when Kobe was still the second-best baller in his family and LeBron was rocking Huggies instead of Nikes, the original number twenty-three was beasting for the Bulls.

While Mike’s legacy is in his championships, I remember him for more than just winning. I remember him for the bald head. I remember him for the wildly improbable layups. I remember him for affirming Craig Ehlo’s status as his bitch each and every time they met. Check the video below for a reminder of all three.

I don’t mean to brag, but I once pulled off a move pretty similar to play number three in a high school game. The only difference is that the part of Alonzo Mourning was played by a husky kid with flat feet, and I missed the shot. Otherwise, it was basically the same thing.