Thursday , Nov , 29 , 2007 Christopher Sells

People I Wish Weren’t on the Knicks

Because I’m in a list making mood, because the NFL opted to put Dallas and Green Bay’s game on a station a large portion of the country can’t see, and because the Knicks are getting sexually assaulted by the Celtics, I bring you: People I Wish Weren’t on the Knicks

(By the way, to give you a sense how bad this loss was, hasn’t updated the score of the game since the deficit was 40 with 4:05 left in the third. The game is over at the time I’m writing this and the Knicks needed a halfcourt heave from Nate Robinson to avoid setting a franchise record for fewest points scored in a game.)

Renaldo Balkman: It’s not his fault he was drafted too high. A nice scrappy player who could come off the bench in a number of other places. Plus I think of Rolando Blackman whenever I see his name. Look it up, kids.

Wilson Chandler: I don’t know much about this guy, but being on this team cannot be good for a rookie. You think they’d release him from his contract?

Jared Jeffries: Remember when he was with the Wizards and was a big part of what they were doing? He was versatile on both ends of the floor and a pretty good defender. Since becoming a Knick, his playing time has lessened and he looks like an idiot for willfully stepping into that situation. Could make a difference on quite a few teams around the league.

Fred Jones: He’s floated around the league quite a bit, probably because the only thing that stands out about his game is his athleticism. That dunk he did where he had to lean waaaay back to catch that ball off the bounce was nice though, wasn’t it?

David Lee: A very talented and hard-working player on a team that doesn’t deserve what he brings to the table. I pray that he doesn’t sign an extension and that he leaves when his rookie contract is up.

Quentin Richardson: Actually a very good player who could do many things on the court. He’s had a tendency to shoot the three a little more than he should, but he’s solid defensively and plays with a ruggedness not usually associated with guards.

Malik Rose: I actually forgot he even existed until a few weeks ago when I saw him on the Knicks bench while I was watching them play the Nuggets. Undersized and overpaid, I’m pretty sure he’d have a hard time catching on anywhere else. Plus, nobody wants a guy who gets punched in the face by Nate Robinson. Maybe Rose should have put a rim on his face and put a ball in Robinson’s hands before they fought. Then it would have taken more than 15 attempts for Robinson to connect and when he did connect, it would have been overrated.

And last but not least…

Isiah Thomas: He killed the CBA, now he’s killing the Knicks. From sexual harassment lawsuits to questionable moves as GM to poor coaching, I rest the blame for the current state of the franchise solely on the shoulders of Thomas. Since he’s been with the team, there have been problems. I’m not the first person to say it and I’m sure I won’t be the last: Fire Isiah. Now. I know you just extended him last year, but take the hit. Paying him to sit at home will undoubtedly be more financially worthwhile to the Knicks that paying him to make the team the butt of jokes throughout the League. And once he’s out of New York, I can’t see anyone hiring him for a long while. Put us out of our misery.

Time to watch the Nuggets and Lakers. If this one turns out to be a 50-point game, I’ll just give up trying to watch TV and play some Halo. Thanks again, NFL.