Wednesday , Dec , 05 , 2007 C.Y. Ellis

Allen Iverson Crossover Mix

(in best late-night infomercial voice) Do you enjoy the on-court antics of Allen Iverson?  Do you like watching crippling crossovers?  Have you ever wanted to see a piece of bone break off a man’s ankle and fly into the upper tier of the arena?

If so, boy have I got the video for you!  "So, Chuck," you’re asking, "how much is this going cost me?"  Well, lucky visitors, we at the HoopsVibe Home Shopping Network are proud to offer this (non-)exclusive clip to you for the low, low price of free ninety-nine!

And that’s not all!  You also get a corny-ass intro at no extra cost!

(in best disclaimer voice) Warning: Music may not be suitable for all viewers.  Please mute your speakers if you are elderly, pregnant, taking medication or are anything but a shaggy-haired suburban teenager prone to depression.  Linkin Park may cause irreparable damage to your ears and/or will to live.