Saturday , Dec , 08 , 2007 C.Y. Ellis

CotD: Tim Hardaway Breaking Ankles

"So, which team do you support?"

Simple question, right?  Not so for me in years past.  You see, I spent my early childhood moving between a tiny island in the South Aegean (that’s Greece for the Miss World contestants out there) and the south coast of England.  Consequently, I didn’t have the option of supporting my local team given that there was an ocean between me and the nearest NBA squad.  Quite the quandary for the young hoophead looking to pick a franchise to follow, huh?  In the end, I decided I’d simply adopt the team closest to my folks living Stateside, and that happened to be the Tim Hardaway-led Golden State Warriors.

The same issue was in play when I first set my bags down in the U.S. and found myself arguing about music without a hometown rapper to champion.  Applying the same methodology here, however, would have meant that I’d have to stick up for a Bay Area rapper, something I was averse to doing since anything even remotely hyphy makes me want to stab.  As luck would have it, however, my first home in New York was up in Harlem, a hip-hop hotbed.  Even better, I was living at 139 and Lenox, former home of Big L, one of the best to ever do it.

With that in mind, you’ll see why I’m so fond of the following clip, even if the homophobic views of both Bug and L make me a little hesitant to admit that.  With all that cash, you’d think they’d be more concerned with the IRS than gay folks, but I suppose we all have our pet peeves.  Mine is people who say "literally" when they don’t mean it.  I guess that’s not really in the same league.