Sunday , Dec , 09 , 2007 C.Y. Ellis

CotD: Hakeem Olajuwon Murks David Robinson

Ask me to name my all-time five favourite NBA players, and my answer is likely to change from one week to the next.  One name that will always appear, however, is that of Hakeem Olajuwon, and the clip below will give you young ‘uns out there a good idea why.

With David Robinson coming into the series as the newly-crowned league MVP, the man they called "The Dream" proceeded to dismantle him with a series of moves that I spent hours practicing every weekend at the local park.  (To this day, even at the height of 6’0”, I rarely go a game without scoring at least one bucket off his patented "Dream Shake" move.) 

The Admiral may have gone home with the Maurice Podoloff, but Hakeem took his pride, the series and, eventually, the NBA championship.  It’s recognised as one of the greatest individual playoff performances in history, and rightly so.