Saturday , Dec , 15 , 2007 C.Y. Ellis

LeBron James Dunk Mix (with 200+ Jams)

"That’s gotta hurt!"

I have a friend – well, an acquaintance – who has the annoying habit of yelling out the above phrase whenever we’re watching hoops and somebody throws down a particularly vicious dunk.  Until I watched this mix, I always thought he was using the phrase out of context and chastised him for it.  Now, however, I recognise how apt it can be.

You see, everyone goes away sore when LBJ throws it down.  The defenders get their feelings hurt.  The fans in the stands get sore throats.  The opposing coaches get nightmares.  And The King himself?  He has to get some sort of boo-boo from slamming his hand against a piece of metal with such force.  Try dunking (on a lowered rim, even) with half the vigour of his hammers and you’ll find yourself with blood spotting on every finger and, more than likely, a dark line on the inside of your wrist.

Now, I’m a pretty rugged fellow, so I can normally make it through one or two highlight slams from The Chosen One unscathed.  As I’ve discovered, though, watching dozens in quick succession has left me with one of the rarer writing injuries: wrinkles.  It turns out that screwing your face up that many times that rapidly in reaction to ‘Bron’s jams can leave you with a couple of creases in your face.

I really can’t give this mix of over two hundred LeBron James dunks any higher recommendation than to say that it aged me prematurely.  Just to make things clear before you watch the clip, HoopsVibe will not cover you for Botox shots you may need as a result.  Oh, and the soundtrack is a little NSFW, so mute your speakers if you or anyone around you may be offended by foul language.

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