Thursday , Feb , 07 , 2008 C.Y. Ellis

I Want My “Old” Phoenix Suns Back

I Want My “Old” Phoenix Suns Back

I finally get it. I understand the national hatred for the Suns. It’s all the bandwagoners. I don’t blame you haters now. My old college roommate married a gal that bought into the Red Sox after that damned Jimmy Fallon movie. Now, he is forced to wear Red Sox and Patriots gear. So shameful … so shameful. He’s a lifelong Suns fan, too. Let’s see if she forces him to wear Celtic green.

As I’m reading the Suns message boards, the “fans” are lamenting that the Suns are no longer the “run-and-gun” Suns. Personally, I don’t give a damn. I don’t understand the chagrin of those who are bemoaning the trade. Look, no one thought the Suns would win the title without a trade. This is not the same team as last year. Last year, if Amare had been tied to the bench, the Suns would’ve won, but it did not happen and they were not having the same season.

This move is either madness or brilliance. Let’s see what happens. Either way, the Suns will stink in less than five years and I’ll be able to get some great season ticket upgrades.

Who cares if the Suns “prove” that D’Antoni’s “system” can work? He’s a great offensive coach. The jury is still out on whether he’s a good head coach. We’ll see. How does he handle the new acquisition? The answer to that question will let us know. Word is that he wanted Shaq on his squad.

Word is that Nash was done with Matrix and Banks. Who cares about Banks, right? But, Shawn Marion definitely had an impact on this team. This is the team from 2004-2005 and 2005-2006 (without STAT). They swaggered onto the court to play ball with the best (or second-best, it’s a statistical tie) team in the West. They came out to play ball. They refused to go down and only an incredible nineteen foot jump-shot from Peja Stojakovic (over Amare Stoudemire) beat them. This was on par with last year’s Nets-Suns game. This is next year’s advertisement for the NBA League Pass.

This was the roller-coaster ride of entertainment that I’ve come to love … From Gar Heard to John Paxson to Robert Horry. It’s a hell of a ride.

Shaquille O’Neal rejuvenated the Suns just by being in the building, and we’ve got Jerry Bus to thank for this “arms-race” in the West. Buckle up, sports fans.

On a more analytical note, I’m not sure what pictures Shaq has of Tom Chambers. The Suns’ first free-agent signing did everything but fellate the Big Saguaro. Also, Steve Kerr said that he only went through with this deal because the Suns medical staff thought the Diesel had a lot left in the tank. Who’s going to say no to him? Further, if the docs said he wasn’t in good shape, how did the Suns ever expect Marion to play for them again?

The Suns are getting older, and, as I’ve written previously, have bet everything on the Big Saguaro turning this around. As much as I hate to admit it, Chris Paul outplayed Steve Nash. MVSteve nearly had the bad kind of a triple double.

Moreover, the Suns are not getting any help from Doris. Boris Diaw crossed the Maginot LineMendoza Line, which is 10-5-5), but he did not get the Full French Award because of the manner in which he kept pulling out of the lane in the second overtime.

The Suns are getting older and their “X-Factor” (Doris) is not up to the challenge. Steve Kerr has gambled on Shaq. It will be entertaining (and, very soon, C.Y. will be attending a Suns game with me, rooting for the evil purple-and-orange) [If Jason weren’t a lawyer, I’d sue him for defamation of character.  Also, I have no character. – CYE].

Oh, and the Suns lost. More of the same to come?