Thursday , Feb , 28 , 2008 C.Y. Ellis

Anthony Randolph Scouting Report

Anthony Randolph #3 NBA Draft Prospect? Yes!

I was logging a game a little over a month ago. The game was LSU vs. Vanderbilt on January 19. I was excited as a NBA Draft junkie to watch Shan Foster and Andrew Ogilvy play. I kept thinking "Damn Anthony Randolph is playing well." He has a knack for knowing where the rebounds are going and has the ability of going and getting it. He dominated that game just on the glass. I checked the stats at the end of the game and saw he ended up with 19 rebounds. I thought he is as good as any of the Freshmen in the country, even though he doesn’t receive as much hype. That night I watched highlights of all his games during the season so far and was very impressed and was thinking that all of us draft guys are overlooking him. I ranked him as high as 17 overall and thought he could move up. One month later, I checked all the draft boards and saw he is moving his way up. I then got another one of his games and after the game said, he is definitely a top 5 pick. With Beasley being a lock at the top spot and Derrick Rose basically being a lock at the second spot. You choose between two shooting guards (O.J Mayo and Eric Gordon) or post players (Deandre Jordan and Randolph). If you need a point then probably Bayless. I think Randolph is better than Jordan and both have a huge upside.That’s why I have him as the third best prospect as of today, although this could change. Here’s the full evaluation:

HEIGHT: 6’10”
CLASS: Freshman
HIGH SCHOOL: Woodrow Wilson HS
HOMETOWN: Dallas, Texas

2007/08 – Stats

14.6 PPG, 8.7 RPG, 1.2 STL, 2.5 BLK,45% fg Pct., and 66% FT PCT.

Big Games-

18 points 11 reb. vs. Mississippi, 14 points and 19 reb. vs. Vanderbilt, 13 points 12 reb. vs. Alabama, 20 points and 10 reb. vs. South Carolina, and 22 points and 5 reb. vs Florida.

Physical Characteristics

Height/Position: 6’11/ PF This is a good height for this position.

Weight/Strength: 220 lbs. / He could use a little more muscle. However he has gained at least 15 pounds since high school.

Speed/Quickness: He has good speed and even better quickness. This is why I think he will be a good NBA player. He’s 6’11” and can react very quickly.

Length/Coordination: He has the wingspan of a 7-footer and with his quickness, height and coordination, he will become a great rebounder.

Reaction Time: Very good reaction time for a post player.

Conditioning/Medical History: He is a very conditioned athlete. His medical history is clean as far as any major injuries.

Mental Characteristics

Court Sense: He has good awareness and has a good flow to his game. He could learn to be a little more aggressive.

Intelligence (Ability to Learn): He’s definately intelligent enough to learn.

Team Attitude/Coachable: He has a great attitude and is very coachable.

Competitive: He’s very competitive.  After watching videos on him, it’s clear he wants the ball in crucial situations. However, offensively he could improve on finishing in clutch situations.

Leadership: He’s not a vocal leader yet.

Work Ethic/Intensity: He works hard off and on the court to be a better player. He’s an intense player.

Responsibility: I’m not sure.

Pressure: He seems to be able to grind under pressure, Could work on being a better scorer in general and then we can see if he can score under pressure.

Love of the Game: He has a tremendous love of the game and is always trying to improve.

Ability to get along with others: I believe so.

Skills –

Shooting/Scoring:He’s an average shooter from outside, and I think he could develop into a good mid-range shooter like Chris Bosh. He has nice form and a good touch. However, it seems rushed at times. He is an average scorer right now and seems to rely on garbage points. However, the NBA will probably suit his style and help him become a 15-20 ppg guy.

3point Shooting/FT: He’s an okay to poor 3-point shooter, as are most young post players. He might be able to develop from behind the arc. He shoots 68% from the free throw line and could improve if he works at it.

Footwork/Ability to create own shot: Good footwork at finishing and being able to get his shot off. His footwork in transition or coming off screens needs work.

Passing/Dribbling: He is a good stationary passer, but struggles in transition. A good ball handler for a post player.

Setting Screens/Coming off Screens: He could work on setting screens and coming off screens.

Offensive Rebounding/Defensive Rebounding:Great offensive and defensive rebounder. He has quick reaction with his long arms and can beat an opposing post player to where the ball is.He also has a tremendous vision of where the ball will end up and good timing.

On-ball Defense/Off-ball Defense: Good hard worker as far as knowing what to do and working hard. He could use a little more strength for banging down low.

Shot Blocking/Steals: Good shot blocker at the college level, but at the pros he will be an average shot blocker for his psoition. He is good for a post player at getting into the lanes and coming up with steals.

Go-to Move:A face-up fade-away like Chris Bosh’s.

NBA comparison: Chris Bosh as far as being a left-handed quick post player that needed to add bulk.Chris can shoot the ball better, but in time I think Anthony will be a better rebounder.

Basketball Athlete/ Basketball Talent/ Basketball Player: I would label him as a basketball talent as of right now. He has all the talent, but without seeing him honing the skills that need to be honed, his game is too raw to label him as a basketball player. For now, that is.

Additional Information: Anthony Randolph is a tall, lengthy, quick post player. His game will serve him well in the NBA. I know certain areas of his game are raw, but he is a hard worker and competes hard. This is why I would draft him either 3 or 4 at this point. It’s a toss-up between him and Deandre Jordan as they’re both raw and have tons of upside. However, I watch Deandre Jordan and am very unimpressed by his game at times.