Sunday , Mar , 23 , 2008 C.Y. Ellis

Twelve Turnovers or Fewer: Bluntman Plagiarizes Jack McCallum

Twelve Turnovers or Fewer: Bluntman Plagiarizes Jack McCallum

In a Smithwick’s-induced euphoria, Bluntman called me (while I was still drowsy from hauling the JKs to Disneyland and back) to declare that the Phoenix Suns will not lose a game in which they commit 12 turnovers or fewer (extra credit for anyone who can properly pronounce “Smithwick’s”).  This is the same guy that told me that the Suns would miss the playoffs the day after The Big Acquisition.  This is also the same guy that said the L.A. Lakers were a lock to win the West

Bluntman and I argued about Kobe Bryant’s return to action, as well.  Although Bluntman never made a good point, the smarter Lakers fan I’ve seen (at least responding to my posts) said that Kobe had to go for it this season because the Lakers have been the most injury-prone team in recent memory. 

He’s finally seeing things my way.  Just to be clear, while I was sore at Shawn Marion being traded, I wasn’t jumping off any sidewalks.  In fact, I immediately bought a purple Shaquille O’Neal jersey (my “Purple People Eater”). 

Against the Houston Rockets, the Suns were winning by 20 at the break, until they started turning the ball over.  The Rockets made a run after Steve Nash dribbled off his foot (twice), Boris Diaw was stripped in the lane and Amare Stoudemire handed the ball off to Luther Head (I think) instead of Nash at the top of the key. 

What was highlighted, however, was the Rockets’ lack of a second scorer for Tracy McGrady.  We all loved watching the win streak, but the bell has rung for Cinderella a little bit early.  They have peaked and it is all downhill from here.  Incredible as it may seem, March’s number one team in the West will likely be in the bottom half of the bracket in April. 

McGrady had his share of impossible fade-aways, driving hoops, free throws and three-point plays, but the guy’s just tired out.  He will not be able to carry this team in the playoffs.  Dikembe Mutombo air-balling two short shots is not helping the cause, either. 

Amare Stoudemire will have the chance to prove his MVP-boasting in the next week.  The Suns face the Boston Celtics and the Detroit Pistons.  The Suns beat the Celtics when Kevin Garnett came to town still on the mend from his abdominal strain and the Pistons shelled the Suns in embarrassing fashion on February 24.  Before the season ends, Phoenix will also have to face the “Texas Triangle” once again and on the road. 

I have my own theories about STAT’s MVP propaganda, but will save that for later.  For now, let’s see if Bluntman has a point.