Thursday , Mar , 27 , 2008 C.Y. Ellis

I Hate to See it End this Way for the Dallas Mavericks – Avery Johnson Will Be Required to do some Coaching

I Hate to See it End this Way for the Dallas Mavericks - Avery Johnson Will Be Required to do some Coaching

I have never really liked the Dallas Mavericks.  I lay the blame for this on Dirk Nowitzki.  He’s seven feet tall and shoots fade-away three-pointers from behind his head at a rate of over 40%.  That’s simply unfair.  It’s kind of like how women “hate” other women who can stay skinny while eating McDonald’s – it is an unfairness in the gene pool and the estrogen makes you crazy and jealous. 

So, mainly because this guy gives his team such an unfair advantage I have this illogical hate for Dirk.  Now, he’s gone and Jason Kidd is not going to save them. 

It’s not that Kidd cannot save them.  It’s that Avery cannot let Kidd save them.  He’s been out-smarting himself since the day he took the reigns and we saw what that did to them in the playoffs last year.  We also saw him bench Jason Kidd in the final seconds against San Antonio. 

Kidd’s Mavs haven’t beaten a team with a winning record and opponents are sagging off him in the half-court, daring him to take the jumper.   

Johnson’s micro-management simply does not mesh with Kidd’s ability to be the floor general in a running offense. 

Dallas now sits only 1.5 games ahead of the Denver Nuggets (the current ninth seed). 

Golden State seems to be solidifying its hold on a playoff berth by going 1-1 in back-to-back games against the Lakers.  If you haven’t been able to watch these two games over the last two nights, I won’t even write about those games.  Ironically enough, they had all the energy of the Mavs-Warriors playoff games.  Stephen Jackson hoisted up threes in crunch time without a conscience (“making it rain” anyone?).  Monta Ellis was all over the place on defense and posterizing Kobe Bryant on the other end.  Baron Davis played about 100 minutes in two nights and didn’t seem to slow down.  And this was all with the Lakers and Kobe doing their thing, including big shots from a variety of players (including some clutch shooting by Derek “.4 seconds” Fisher and a horrible call against the Warriors because of the veteran craftiness of Derek “takedown” Fisher – fans should hate to see games end that way). 

I digress as I’m still excited about this OT game.  So the question becomes whether the Mavs can hold off the Nuggets without Dirk.  It will be a tough task and one that will require Avery Johnson to let go.  It probably will not happen. 

At the beginning of the season, on our own “roundtable” of “experts” here at HoopsVibe I said that Dallas was the biggest disappointment of the season.  I did not really think they had rebounded from the last two post-seasons.   

They traded their bench and a first-round pick to New Jersey.  I’m not sure of the specifics, but I hope Cuban was smart enough to make sure it is a lottery-protected pick.  They are going to need the help next year.