Monday , Apr , 21 , 2008 C.Y. Ellis

Boston Celtics’ Sweet Shooting Leads to Game One Win over Atlanta Hawks

Boston Celtics' Sweet Shooting Leads to Game One Win over Atlanta Hawks

At times last night it seemed like the Celtics couldn’t miss. From behind the arc, it wasn’t something they did very much of…the team shot well over 50% from downtown. Couple that with over 46% from the field and that leads to a big game one win.


Atlanta did not necessarily have trouble with the Celtics defense, nor did they play horrible defense against a strong Boston offense. The difference was that Boston hit nearly everything and Atlanta hit nearly nothing. Both teams had open shots and the Celtics hit them. Bibby was absolutely horrendous for the visitors, hitting only 2 of the 10 shots he took, and only 1 of 5 threes. If he had of shot a little better, the Hawks probably would have stood a better chance. Joe Johnson shot better but was still only 7-22 from the field. Only Horford had a decent night offensively for Atlanta, mainly because he worked so hard on the offensive boards.


Rajon Rondo looked very strong for the Celtics, and certainly made a strong case for being a better draft decision last year than Sheldon Williams. Rondo was underrated on draft day for some reason and has proven to be quite a steal for the Celtics. Sam Cassell also seems to be able to perform well enough off the bench to make this team extremely dangerous deeper in the playoffs. The Hawks bench, mainly Josh Childress, scored better than Boston last night, but Cassell’s ability to draw fouls and make smart plays will be invaluable for Boston as the playoffs continue.


In basketball’s poor choice of scheduling, the two teams won’t face off again until Wednesday, so both teams will have plenty of time to rest and rethink strategy. After such a strong first game from the Celtics, it doesn’t seem like they will need to rethink much…


The changes that must occur are in Mike Bibby. If he continues to shoot poorly, he will need to find a way to pick the rest of his team up and keep them in the game. Last night he brought the entire team down and there was no way Atlanta was going to win with him shooting so poorly and taking so many shots. It would be nice if Joe Johnson shot a little bit better as well…