Sunday , Apr , 27 , 2008 C.Y. Ellis

Like a Moth to a Flame: Suns-Sp*rs Game 4 Recap

Like a Moth to a Flame: Suns-Sp*rs Game 4 Recap

Bluntman and I went downtown to watch Game 4.  We have parking tickets with our season tickets, so we’ve gotten to know the guy who takes the tickets (or money) going into the parking garage.  He’s a cheerful guy and always in a good mood.  Today, however, instead of saying “Have fun” or something like that he said, “See you guys next season.”


We had planned to eat breakfast at a breakfast place (First Watch) across from the arena.  Although the sign said “open daily at 6:00” it was closed.  Go figure.  We wandered around looking for a fattening breakfast – reminiscent of the Suns’ pick-and-roll defense from Game 3.  We eventually found a place with a breakfast buffet, so we proceeded to cover our biscuits, chicken fried steak, sausage, bacon, waffles, omelettes and potatoes in gravy. 

We began reminiscing about the recent run.  The turnaround excitement of 2004-2005, losing to the Spurs in the WCF in 5, but figuring the future was bright.  During Game 5 of the Clippers series in 2006, a lady left during overtime.  Bluntman stopped her and said, “You’re going to miss one of the greatest endings in Suns’ history.”  Then, Raja Bell hit that 3 from the corner.  During that run, Boris Diaw nearly pulled the Suns out of the Mavs series, as a 6’8” “point center.”  My wife was pregnant and I told her that if the Suns won the championship and we had a boy, we were going to name him Boris.  Last year was awesome, and the best atmosphere we’ve ever been to was Game 5 against the Sp*rs.  This year has been a dizzying roller-coaster.


This morning, over our gravy, we smelled death in the air.  Not only were we depressing, but one of Bluntman’s buddies was texting him stupid messages trying to get into this post.  Apparently, last night, he was out with Bluntman and said, “Hey, I never sent you a message about firing Steve Kerr.” 


To which Bluntman replied, “Yeah.”


“But I’m your sidekick,” he whined, “I’ve known you longer.”


“Well, say something clever, then.”


So we kept getting messages, like, “Fire Steve Kerr,” and “Let’s go Sp*rs.”


We strolled into the arena, with our only solace being that when the Suns finally win a title, someday, our pain today would make the championship so much more enjoyable (at least that’s what we told ourselves).


Our pain, though, is not over.  Raja Bell and Boris Diaw going off for 47 is kind of like Tim Duncan hitting a three.  Yeah, give them that.


The real Chronic came up with the theory that Pop let the Suns win so that Mike D’Antoni would keep his job (that’s kind of like when the Emperor let Luke blow-up the Death Star, in the hopes that Luke would be arrogant and reckless and therefore easier to turn to the Dark Side).  Pop loves keeping inferior coaches in his conference.  That’s why Pop publicly defends him.  He is an evil genius – kind of like when the Emperor let Luke blow-up the Death Star, in the hopes that Luke would be arrogant and reckless and therefore easier to turn to the Dark Side.  The only adjustment made was starting Boris Diaw.  Grant Hill is injured and starting Leandro Barbosa didn’t do the trick, so why not start Boris, right?  Going to Boris wasn’t any stroke of genius.  Boris just started leaning forward when he posted smaller guys instead of fading away.  Let’s not get too excited.  .  He also did an admirable job on trying to defend Tony Parker.  This was the first Boris Diaw sighting in about two years


The Suns will come out strong in Game 5.  The Suns are good at digging deep holes for themselves, making furious comebacks and then falling a little short.


They may even win; I’d bet they win Game 5.  The Suns are good at making comebacks, and this may yet be a series.  Then, when it’s over, Pop will take joy in proclaiming, “We knew they’d make a run, but we stepped it up and held them off,” while he smirks at the way he toyed with the emotions of the Suns’ fans.


If the Suns do make history, it will be because the Suns’ players kept their energy at an amazingly high level.  It could happen.  If Boris shows up, like he did in 2006 and he did today, the Sp*rs are going to be in quite a bit of trouble.  It could happen.  But I will not dream, because I need to protect my fragile mental state.