Tuesday , Apr , 29 , 2008 Christopher Sells

Houston Rockets Survive Game Five

Houston Rockets Survive Game Five

I would like to thank the Utah Jazz’s bench personally for not showing up tonight. It really means a lot to me. Feel free to do it again Friday night. 

We’ve closed the series deficit to 3-2. The game tonight was the best game the Rockets have played thus far in the series. It’s not often that you hold a team as good as the Jazz under 70 points.  

So the team has to go to Utah and play in front of that rowdy crowd again. This should be different than before, because they’ll know what to expect. The Rockets stole one game and probably could have stolen the other one with a play here and there. So there’s a real chance. And the pressure is on Utah. Lose this game, and you get to play Game Seven on the road. 

And Tracy McGrady scored a few in the fourth. So what if the game was out of reach? These are the types of moral victories that you build on for the future. Right about now, it’s nice to know that the team even has one.  

Game Six, here we come!

[image: http://www.flickr.com/photos/cisco_hdz/]