Wednesday , Apr , 30 , 2008 C.Y. Ellis

Ouch: Cleveland Cavaliers Drop Game Six at Home

Ouch: Cleveland Cavaliers Drop Game Six at Home

Well this is going to be short and not-so-sweet.

How many times should the Cavs have pulled away in that one? Early on, how often did we settle for weak outside jumpers? Late, couldn’t just one shooter shake that iron touch and sink a basket?

I just hoped that for once, LeBron would be pissed in front of the cameras. He couldn’t get the job done in the last 4 seconds, now he better be damned ready to get it done for 48 straight minutes. If he goes on the attack all game, he takes 30 free throws and Songalia isn’t in the game to bump him on the final shot if it even gets that far.

It’s sad how poorly the Cavs attack weaknesses on the fly. Did Caron and Antawn have 4 fouls for the entire 4th, or did they each pick up that 4th foul in the first 2 minutes? Already down one star, don’t we vary our screeners or ballhandlers to put the right defender on the spot? While we’re at it, why not use our ever-changing screeners to get the one guy on the team with a go-to shot (Z, 8-11 today, from 18 feet) his go-to shot?

All game I questioned why Boobie and Z took so few shots, though with such a slow pace, there weren’t too many shots to go around. Still, Z easily could’ve been in some pick and pops. Boobie could easily have been the guy in the corner rather than the passer to it as Delonte and Devin Brown missed 3s.

It’s amazing that we can play so absolutely poorly and still have such a great chance to win. It’s also incredibly disheartening that in an elimination game we can come out and play so absolutely poorly.

Ugh. Go Cavs!

(At least LeBron hit his free throws.)

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