Monday , Jun , 23 , 2008 J.N.

Was it the Shoes?

I can’t believe David Stern is this petty. I think you took a big crap on the integrity of the league. Yeah I wrote that. You read it. I said that. What? Yeah, WHAT? Are you going to hit me up for shoes, too? This is pathetic and embarrassing now. First, you wanted a cool million. Then you wanted more added on for the services of the investigation. Now you want more dough for shoes. I hope you gave Donaghy some retro Jordans to rock. I really hope so.

The NBA is a multi-billion dollar corporation and you want money from a man whose life is at an end. You want money from a "felon?" David Stern, I thought you were trying to distance the NBA from him. This sucks. I hope Donaghy coughs up every single thing about how the backstage process works for the referees. I mean, every single detail and names if possible. I hope Donaghy can recall specific instances as well because he’s our mole who has fessed up. I truly hope he has alot more information than what he already came out with.

Remember this?

So why did you change this process? Did you really bent that envelope? I can sure see a bend there. I know that the lottery is not rigged now since every executive observes those ping pong balls in a private room. There are no frozen or weighted balls like some fans theorize. It’s based on chance, pure luck and "maybe" destiny. If it was rigged even now, you damn well know there would be a riot in that private room.

$750? Why do you want that back? Do you really need it? How does that help you financially? Or are you just trying to make a point? If you are, I don’t get it. It just makes you look more petty.

Forget off the court antics. Forget steroids. Forget Spygate. This is even bigger: manipulation by the refs headed by the commissioner David Stern.

I do understand doing these things after MJ-Pippen broke up. The quality of the league went to shit. We were thirsty for another superstar-like MJ talent. Ratings were dwindling. Many basketball fans were uninterested so that’s why you changed the rules to favor offensive players.

Don’t blame me. I’m trying to think in Stern’s shoes.