Wednesday , Jun , 25 , 2008 C.Y. Ellis

A Random Fantasy Draft

Last night I was in Detroit, and a few friends and I decided to go to the Rec to work out and play some basketball. After playing a few pick up games, I went to the lounge to buy something to drink. Across the room I noticed a loud group of guys talking about the upcoming draft, so of course I went in that direction to see what the fuss was about. They were debating about the draft lottery, and how it should be one big random lottery for all 30 teams, not just the top losing teams. So then one guy suggested how they should do their own fantasy draft right now, so they did.

The guys wrote down all the teams with draft picks and threw them into bucket. I wasn’t about to sit there and watch the whole time, so I left to go play a couple more games, then would stop back to see this "Fantasy Draft". Anyway, long story short, they passed along the results to me, so I figured I’ll share this with HoopsVibe viewers and let you comment on their draft. The five guys names who put this together are: Jason, Kevin, Darvin, Adam, and Charles. They each took  turns selecting for teams; I put the first letter of their name by the selection they made. For the record, I asked them if they were bored out their mind, and they said that they’re just basketball fanatics.


First Round


1. Indiana- Derrick Rose- PG (J)


2. Cleveland- Michael Beasley- PF (K)


3. Sacramento- O.J. Mayo- PG (D)


4. Houston- Kevin Love- PF (A)


5. Golden State- Brook Lopez- C (C)


6. Washington- Eric Gordon- SG (J)


7. Phoenix- Jerryd Bayless- PG (K)


8. Orlando- Darrell Arthur- PF (D)


9. Utah- DeAndre Jordan- C (A)


10. Minnesota- D.J. Augustin- PG (C)


11. Boston- Anthony Randolph- SF (J)


12. New Orleans- Kosta Koufos- C (K)


13. Denver- Russell Westbrook- PG (D)


14. Chicago- Donte Greene- SF (A)


15. New York- Danilo Gallinari- SF (C)


16. Memphis- JaVale McGee- C (J)


17. Detroit- Joe Alexander- SF (K)


18. Charlotte- Roy Hibbert- C (D)


19. Seattle- Jason Thompson- PF (A)


20. San Antonio- Nicolas Batum- SF (C)


21. L.A. Clippers- Marresse Spieghts- PF (J)


22. Seattle- Robin Lopez- C (K)


23. Milwaukee- Brandon Rush- SF (D)


24. Miami- Mario Chalmers- PG (A)


25. New Jersey- Chris Douglas-Roberts- SG (C)


26. Portland- Bill Walker- SF (J)


27. Toronto- Courtney Lee- SG (K)


28. New Jersey- Nathan Jawai- C (D)


29. Philadelphia- Alexis Ajinca- C (A)


30. Memphis- J.J. Hickson- PF (C)


Second Round


31. Phoenix- Ryan Anderson- PF (J)


32. Dallas- DeVon Hardin- C (K)


33. New Jersey- Gary Forbes- SF (D)


34. San Antonio- Serge Ibaka- PF (A)


35. Utah- Goran Dragic- PG (C)


36. Portland- D.J. White- PF  (J)


37. Seattle- Chris Lofton- SG (K)


38. Boston- Kyle Weaver- SG (D)


39. L.A. Clippers- George Hill- PG (A)


40. Detroit- Joey Dorsey- PF (C)


41. L.A. Lakers- Drew Neitzel- PG (J)


42. Minnesota- Richard Hendrix- PF (K)


43. Houston- Davon Jefferson- SF (D)


44. Seattle- Mike Taylor- PG (A)


45. Minnesota- L.R. Mbah a Moute- SF (C)


46. Indiana- Trent Plaisted- C (J)


47. Sacramento- DeMarcus Nelson- SG (K)


48. Seattle- Keith Brumbaugh- SF (D)


49. Charlotte- Jamont Gordon- SG (A)


50. Chicago- Ante Tomic- C (C)


51. Milwaukee- Reggie Williams- SG (J)


52. San Antonio- Brian Roberts- PG (K)


53. Portland- Nikola Pekovic- C (D)


54. Washington- James Gist- SF (A)


55. Miami- C.J. Giles- C (C)


56. Sacramento- Deron Washington- SF (J)


57. Seattle- Darrell Jackson- PF (K)


58. Utah- Marcus Dove- SF (D)


59. Golden State- Mike Green- PG (A)


60. Portland- Shan Foster- SG (C)