Friday , Jun , 27 , 2008 J.N.

Guns ‘N Roses

Derrick Rose will not be the savior right away. Instead, he’s focusing on being the first ever League MVP while being a rookie.

Think Big. And thinking big he did.

In the next month or so, I expect a plan called "Guns of the Roses" (huge Metal Gear Solid fan) to be carried out. First of all, Derrick is already calling to get the plan into motion.

Rose wants to be the next legendary hero. He can’t do it alone. He knows it. That’s why he has specifically called Ben Gordon for help in a couple of articles already like here.

I expect Hinrich to be gone within the next 5-8 weeks. Nice kid, but faux PG. He’s not a good SG either. Get him the hell out of here. No more stupid politics on who should play or not. We’ve had enough.

By the way, you’re stupid idiots to think that Derrick Rose will NOT start opening night. Rose is already confident that he’ll take it.

There is no way this kid is playing behind Kirk friggin’ Hinrich, or any other guard for that matter, for a number of games let alone half a season. That’s retarded for Paxson to even think that. Hinrich will not teach this kid anything because he already hates the team for choosing a kid to take over his job AND the players have already made it public that they do not want Kirk to be the starting PG anymore.

Poohdini is going to be a superstar franchise player.

As for Ben Gordon holding the team as hostage through these contract negotiations? LOL. I hope so. More power to him. He earned that right by getting shitted on right after he was drafted and constantly was in trade talks by stupid fans.

Remember what Jerry Reinsdorf said once? "Organization wins championships, not players." Well players can hold up contract talks making it long and painful, not organizations.