Tuesday , Jul , 22 , 2008 J.N.

Okafor Ready to Move On

Okafor Ready to Move OnLine up your trade offers now. Yes, people from all across messageboards such as Redinsect Postup, RealGM, and ESPN.com can go crazy with their proposals.

Emeka Okafor wants out and I can’t blame him. Who wants to live in Charlotte? Or Oklahoma City for that matter? He is now the top RFA this offseason since he’s a legitimate big who can play center and be a defensive force.

What ya got for them?

Remember, Mek has to agree to the trade and the money figure.

Speaking as a Chicago Bull fan, here is my trade proposal, I offer (sign and trade) Deng, Hinrich, and Drew Gooden for Emeka and Gerald Wallace. Ben Gordon and Emeka Okafor would be sick just like their UCONN days.

Since MJ has influence in Charlotte, maybe he can hook us up like Jerry West did with Pau Gasol to the Lakers.

This sucks for Charlotte to potentially lose their first face of the franchise. Look on the bright side. It’s not as bad as what happened to Seattle.