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State of the Bulls

State of the BullsLuol Deng has agreed to a 6 year $70 million dollar deal with the potential of hitting $80 million if Deng fulfills certain incentives. Did Reinsdorf and Co. overpay? Just a bit. It’s still relatively the same contract last offseason of 5 years $57 million, but the new deal has another year included that’s all. Rightfully so, Deng has been one of the hardest workers and top 2 talent on the team with the other being Ben Gordon. The Bulls corrected some will they complete it?

This leaves us with the most controversial player on the team, Ben Gordon. He’s the last restricted free agent on this squad to be signed up. Reinsdorf has already made it public that he rather keep Hinrich at the 2 spot. Many internet Bulls’ fans have already jumped on this train of thought and have bashed Gordon to hell.

It has been leaked that BG wants the Deng money. As much as I love BG’s game, he’s not going to see that. Ben, if you’re reading this, you’re a very good player but you’re not going to get the Deng money because they don’t have the cap room to do so. I hope your agent, Raymond Brothers, told you this. If you guys cannot agree on a 6 year $60 million with incentives pushing it up to maybe $70 million then be prepared to take the one year questionable offer. Tell your agent that Reinsdorf will not pay the luxury tax for a non-championship team.

I’ll even say Deng is probably not worth the money he signed either. How the hell can management pay for a guy who will only play for 3 quarters and spare change in a game? I want a guy who can step up all 4 quarters but whatever.

This particular piece by Brian Hanley made Ben Gordon look so bad that it’s not funny.

Note to basketball fans in general: This is how media slant things when a writer cannot stay unbiased. No where during the season was Gordon reportedly looking for $15 million. This is the first time that this has come to light. Why did this come out now? Lies.

That last context in that article about "being the aggressor" was completely taken out of context as well. Ben was saying that because he was picturing being in Deng’s position with the talks. Nothing was getting done so Deng had to get aggressive to get the ball rolling setting deadlines and what not. That quote had nothing to do with Gordon’s "supposed" agenda of getting $13-$15 million. Hanley painted the picture so bad.

One more thing, BG7. I know you’re better than Monta Ellis, but he did set the market for your potential contract. If you played in Golden State under Nellie’s system, you would average 25+ points; undersized or not. As much as I love your game though, you’re not going to see the Deng money and I don’t see any other team offering that type of money because they’ll stick with the usual cliches: undersized, bad defense, suspect ball handling, and inconsistent. You don’t have to be unrealistic with your self worth (because every one has an inflated ego), but you should be reasonable at least. Try to get around 6/60 million with incentives. Then take it.

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