Saturday , Sep , 06 , 2008 J.N.

Jay Williams’ Last Ride: What did you learn, Monta Ellis?

Jay Williams' Last Ride: What did you learn, Monta Ellis?Apparently nothing.

It’s sad to see a stud’s career end. Torn deltoid ligament? With scrapes and a high ankle sprain? I don’t care what the papers say. His career is over. And he lied. You don’t mess your leg that bad in a pick-up basketball game. 3 months recovery time? Try never. Even if he does come back, he’ll be lucky to average 10 points. 6/$66 million for that?

So what to do now GState fans? Do you void his contract? Buy him out? Well…here’s the thing; he lied. He was in a prohibitive activity. Owner Cohan can easily void Monta Ellis’ newly minted 6 year/$66 million dollar deal because there is no insurance coverage for prohibitive activity. Cohan doesn’t even have to buy him out. Also he has to consider that Ellis will never be the same EVER AGAIN. Yep, he’ll never be the same. Ever.

What to do now? From what I learned during the Jay Williams’ accident, you do not hope he comes back because most of his talent is gone. It’s just wishful thinking. I would think twice about buying him out because it counts against the cap.

If other rumors are true, they can officially pursue Kirk Hinrich. But why do that? You’re trying to replace Monta Ellis’ scoring and explosiveness, remember? Hinrich doesn’t bring either.

I would void the deal and present the 6/$66 million deal to Ben Gordon. Yes, he’s a restricted free agent combo guard, but he’s still there currently unsigned being presented with a 6/$59 million that he’s not too thrilled about from Chicago. He’s a proven clutch 20+ppg scorer unless you want to tank this season and hope to get a top 3 pick and use the money to pursue Joe Johnson. Just suggestions.

How unfortunate Monta. What were you thinking? You didn’t learn anything?

Apparently not.