Friday , Sep , 26 , 2008 C.Y. Ellis

Will the Warriors Punish Monta Ellis?

Will the Warriors Punish Monta Ellis?After weeks of speculation concerning Monta Ellis’ injury, the truth finally came out like that Clay fellow from the TV talent show.  Young Monta, it transpires, wasn’t playing a simple game of pick-up when he ruined both his deltoid and the Warriors’ hopes this season.  Rather, the Mississippi native was showing off on that marvel of engineering favoured by so many young millionaires: a moped.

Wait, what?  A f*cking moped?  He just signed a deal worth sixty-six million dollars and spent his first summer cruising around on the preferred mode of transportation for European teenagers and pizza delivery boys?  That alone should be sufficient to make you question his judgement, and the fact that he attempted to cover himself with such a transparent lie further damaged his rep.

The question now is this: Can you punish stupidity?  The Golden State Warriors are well within their rights to void the new contract on the grounds that Ellis violated the two-wheels-bad clause.  Since they’ve indicated that they have no intention of doing that, however, the Bay waits with baited breath to see if the Warriors will let it slide or get tough and slap some sort of punishment on their combo guard.

Chris Mullin and the Golden State Warriors are still undecided as to whether they will fine guard Monta Ellis after Ellis was injured while riding a mo-ped, which he is contractually prohibited from doing, the Associated Press is reporting.

Ellis originally told the Warriors he was injured playing basketball.

"I don’t think anyone felt like it was the best-case scenario," Mullin said of Ellis’ shifting story. "There were some things that should have been done differently. I think he understands that. With all that said, now is the time for him to have our support. He did do something wrong and needs to be accountable for it, but I do think all the energy and effort goes into getting him healthy."ESPN

So, what do you think Chris Mullin and Oakland’s front office should do?  More importantly, what do you think they will do?  Let us know what you think the appropriate course of action (or inaction) should be in the comment box at the bottom of the page.