Friday , Sep , 26 , 2008 C.Y. Ellis

Jason Williams Retires. Anyone Else Surprised?

Jason Williams Retires.  Anyone Else Surprised?After signing a free-agent deal with the Los Angeles Clippers this summer, Jason Williams was expected to make an attempt at a comeback after a couple of lacklustre seasons with the ailing Heat.  It’s a bit of a surprise, then, to read today’s news that the formerly problematic point guard has called it quits on his career, bowing out before even reporting to camp for the Clippers.

If you’re wondering what inspired his decision to retire, you’re not alone.  After averaging nearly nine points and five assists last season and ranking eighth in the league in assist-to-turnover ratio, J-Will was still a productive NBA player, and a potential starter for more than a few franchises.  While he likely would have seen only mid-rotation minutes in L.A., the chance to pick up another season’s salary on what promises to be a decent squad should have been incentive enough to make the trip out west.

Instead, Whit Eboy decided he was done.  At least, he decided he was done with the NBA.  With Euroleague powerhouse Maccabi Tel Aviv reportedly prepared to offer him more cash than anyone Stateside, this may not be the final buzzer for Williams so much as a time-out.  Could he simply be taking a break in anticipation of a big deal across the pond or is this actually the end for him?

If it really is, it’s time to reminisce on the rollercoaster that was Jason WIlliams’ life in the league.  While he may have made the news for the wrong reasons too many times over the past decade, he never failed to entertain, developing a fanbase as strong in China as in his home state of West Virginia.  While some careers are measured in rings or statistics, Jason Williams’ contribution to the game is evident in the highlight reels.  As the spiritual successor of Pete Maravich and Earl Monroe, White Chocolate brought the streets to the stadium, perplexing opponents with an array of crossovers and no-look passes more often seen on asphalt than hardwood.

So, what’s your favourite Jason WIlliams memory?  Let us know in the comment box below.