Wednesday , Oct , 01 , 2008 C.Y. Ellis

José Calderón Apologises for that Photo…Finally

José Calderón Apologises for that Photo...Finally
It’s been a while since it all went down, but folks haven’t forgotten about Photogate.  In particular, they’ve been waiting for an apology from José Calderón, who, as Oly covered, wasn’t exactly contrite about his involvement in the offending picture.  At one point he even feigned an inability to speak English in order to avoid discussing the incident.

Now, however, he’s finally made an effort to appease those who thought he should have done more to acknowledge his error.

I felt so bad about it, I needed to think about it for a long time.I didn’t want to answer every time they were saying something, I just waited for the best moment. – José Calderón

I don’t buy his "best moment" explanation; it’s more likely he was too embarrassed to comment on the situation.  Whatever the case, it’s a decent gesture which should go a long way to restoring his rep.

The world is multicultural all around and sometimes we don’t know about the sensibilities of every one of the cultures
. – José Calderón

I don’t mean to kill a man when he’s trying to make good, but it takes a special kind of stupid not to realise that the photo was offensive.  In case you forgot, this is a dude who has lived for three years in a North American city with over a million residents of Asian descent.  Furthermore, not only did Calderón initially fail to acknowledge that what he did was inappropriate, but he went a full seven weeks without issuing the standard "I’m sorry" statement.

Still, with the apology finally out there, people will be willing to cut the guy some slack.  Let’s just say it’s better late than never, but better sooner than later.