Monday , Oct , 27 , 2008 C.Y. Ellis

Last Year Laughabull, this Year Winabull? Questions that Face the Chicago Bulls

Last Year Laughabull, this Year Winabull?  Questions that Face the Chicago BullsLast year’s Chicago Bulls roster showed how negatively a young team could be affected when they were placed with a new set of higher expectations, contract talks gone wrong, and the famous "We want Kobe" chants at the United center. Things seemed to immediately spiral out of control once the season started, with the Bulls starting the season at a miserable 2-10 clip. Chicago would go on to finish the year at 33-49. They would show everything that lack of leadership showcases, from a head coach being fired, to rookies of all people getting into screaming matches with assistants. If the Bulls did anything successful last year, it was this:

-After 25 games, got then coach Scott Skiles fired, and eventually relocated to coach in the basketball dead zone called Milwaukee.

-Played miraculously just bad enough to land the number 1 spot in the 2008 draft, eventually taking Derrick Rose.

That would take us to this upcoming season, and the three main questions the Chicago Bulls must face…

Could new virgin head coach Vinny Del Negro control all the baggage that surrounds this team after last year’s disappointing season?

For Vinny Del Negro, its about managing playing time along with young immature personalities. He has announced that Ben Gordon will come off the bench, where he historically is known to play better.(Because he plays better against an inferior second unit) Yet Vinny will have to hear Ben probably complain about it. Vinny will have to do a good job of handling young players Tyrus Thomas and Joakim Noah who are known to either say the wrong thing or show general immaturity. Coach Del Negro will have to do the difficult psychological job of placating the young players just enough, but at the same time cracking the whip to a certain point.  The overall goal of this? Getting everybody to buy into a philosophy. It’s not going to be easy taking over a lockeroom that last year was known as one of these most fractured places in the league.

Can Derrick Rose in his rookie campaign become the leader this ball club desperately needs?

Derrick Rose has shown flashes in the preseason of what he projects to be in the NBA, the prototypical pure point guard who can force a tempo that proves to be beneficial for your team, while at the same time getting the ball to teammates in the exact spots where they wish to finish the play. Could Rose struggle initially? Of course, He most likely will. This is the NBA we’re talking about here. What is for sure is that you can count on Rose to get the best training there is out there, On the Job training. Look for Derrick to grow into the role and have an overall successful rookie season.

Now a lot has been said about the Bulls lack of a post presence. Would that type of disability prevent this team from making the playoffs?

Not necessarily. If this team can recommit on the defensive end, by forcing turnovers to fuel a running attack,  then I believe this team can survive can be successful.

It would certainly help in a best case scenario situation, that Derrick Rose became Jason Kidd to Tyrus Thomas’s Kenyon Martin. Tyrus has a lot of similarities to Martin’s game, and if you recall, Kenyon started to burst with confidence once he started running the floor with Kidd. Maybe it will take Derrick Rose to bring out this inner star in Tyrus Thomas.

Is it Derrick Rose who could bring Tyrus Thomas to the next level? Can the Bulls compete for a playoff spot this year? Let us know your thoughts.