Monday , Oct , 27 , 2008 C.Y. Ellis

Jason’s Preseason Predictions

Jason's Preseason Predictions

LeBron James


Greg Oden.  I’m not picking him because I think he’s the best of the rookie crop.  I’m picking him because he’s so far in the lead already that no one will be able to un-seat him.  I’m also not saying he won’t be the best rookie.  No one will be able to overcome his lead.  Think about how badly the pre-season college football polls screw up the BCS.  According to many scouts, Beasley is the most “NBA-ready” rookie in the league.  He should be able to make a huge impact on that team, and he’s already shown the headiness to hide in the closet when absolutely necessary.  He still won’t be able to overcome Oden’s preseason lead, though.  At best, he can do like Amare Stoudemire and get gypped into being called the “co” ROY.


Most improved?  I’m supposed to identify an under-achiever and decide this will be his break-out season?  Will Darko shine through?  Shaq?  If he plays 75 games is that the biggest improvement of anyone in the league?  What if D-Wade returns to form?  Would that be a great improvement?  I’m going to predict that someone on the Knicks will have a greatly improved season.  Throw a dart and pick a starter (other than Randolph or Curry).


AK-47.  Not a starter, but he comes off in a Michael Cooper-like role and could really give the Jazz a huge edge off the bench. 


Jerry Sloan.  This is more of a “Lifetime Achievement Award” pick than anything else.

Sixth Man

James Posey.  Ben Gordon coming off the bench in a contract year could be a very explosive phenomenon.  This award seems generally restricted to offensive sparkplugs; however, if the Hornets have continued success, it will be due in no small part the James Posey solidifying the second unit on a team who’s biggest weakness is depth.  I’m going to wager that Posey will be the most important man off the bench and that this will overcome the general tendency to give this award to a one-dimensional offensive player.

All-NBA First Team
G  Kobe Bryant
G  Chris Paul
F  LeBron James
F  Amare Stoudemire
C  Kevin Garnett
All-NBA Second Team
G  Deron Williams
G  Dwayne Wade
F  Tim Duncan
F  Paul Pierce
C  Dwight Howard

All-NBA First Team Defense
G  Chris Paul
G  Kobe Bryant
F  Ron Artest
F  Tim Duncan
C  Kevin Garnett
All-Rookie First Team
G  Derrick Rose
G  O.J. Mayo
F  Joe Alexander
F  Michael Beasley
C  Greg Oden

NBA Finalists

Boston Celtics and San Antonio Spurs.

I can’t see anyone in the East knocking off the Celtics.  After putting his entire team on the chopping block, the only off-season move Joe Dumars made was to pick up Kwame Brown.

Here’s some algebra:  Tim Duncan > Pau Gasol + Andrew Bynum.  So long as Manu Ginobili is not playing on a broken ankle, the Sp*rs have the advantage.

NBA Champion

It is an odd year, but Timmeh will have his hands full with Kevin Garnett – who is, like Duncan, better than the Gasol-Bynum tandem.  The supporting cast is better and KG smells blood with his first ring.

Finals MVP

Kevin Garnett

NBA’s Worst Record

Memphis Grizzlies.  Anyone picking otherwise isn’t watching the same league.

Biggest Rookie Bust

Roy Hibbert.

Coach Most Likely to Be Fired

Anyone working for Mark Cuban is on the chopping block, but I’m really not sure how George Karl still has his job.

Player Most Likely to Be Traded

Shawn Marion.  Last season, I said he would not make it through this season.