Thursday , Nov , 13 , 2008 C.Y. Ellis

Is Matt Barnes the Cheap Shot Champ? (Video)

Is Matt Barnes the Cheap Shot Champ? (Video)After his dirty hit on Rafer Alston last night, attention turned to Matt Barnes and his tendency to put in questionable fouls every now and then.  Browsing through YouTube for just a few minutes confirms that Barnes does indeed seem to have a tendency to deliver more than his fair share of cheap shots.

While I’m not sure you can judge a player on a couple of incidents, it’s hard to put the four plays that follow down to mere coincidence.  Check out the clips below and let us know whether you think Matt Barnes is fast becoming the NBA’s cheap shot champion.

Cheap Shot on Rafer Alston

Body-check on James White

Shoves Ronny Turiaf in Mid-Air

Knocks Down Devin Harris After the Time-out Is Called