Friday , Nov , 21 , 2008 C.Y. Ellis

New York Knicks to Acquire Al Harrington (Updated)…for Jamal Crawford

New York Knicks to Acquire Al Harrington (Updated)...for Jamal Crawford[A few hours after this article was written, the wire revealed that it was, in fact, Jamal Crawford who would be leaving the Knicks.  This effectively means that the financial motivations for either side were transposed, with NY looking to trim down their payroll and Oakland picking up a bigger deal in exchange.  As Jay from DC notes in the comment section, this can be construed as a move designed to free up space to pick up LeBron James in 2010.]

Somewhere, Don Nelson is smiling.  In a move fans both sides of the bridge have been anticipating for the better part of a month, Al Harrington is set to leave the Golden State Warriors.  The lucky recipients of the ten-year pro are the surprisingly-not-crappy New York Knicks, who apparently will have to relinquish only Malik Rose in the deal.

While GSW’s motivations are purely financial (Rose’s deal expires in the summer), the Knickerbockers gain what could be a very useful addition to their artillery.  With his fondness for the long ball and proven ability to function in a run-and-gun offence, Al Harrington looks to be a perfect fit in Mike D’Antoni’s system*.

*I appreciate that using such a term may misrepresent Coach D’s offensive structure.  You could pretty much replace the dude by setting up a dry-wipe board with the word "Run" written on it.  If the game gets close, just have someone underline it a couple of times.

While as a part-time New Yorker I’m conditioned to assume that things can only go badly for the Knicks, I actually think this deal could work out for them.  If the suits in the front office can find a way to shift Eddy Curry and bring a close to Stargate (that is, the Stephon Marbury saga), we just might see the team continue their post-Isiah transition from laughable to passable. 

So, what do you think of this trade?  Is there room in New York’s rotation for Al Harrington?  Should the Warriors have held out for a better deal?  Does anyone know why Mike D’Antoni keeps getting work?  Let us know what you think the comment section.