Tuesday , Nov , 25 , 2008 C.Y. Ellis

WWD/T: Cuttino Mobley Fails Physical; LeBron Sees Knicks’ Moves; Eddie Jordan Fired, and more…

WWD/T: Cuttino Mobley Fails Physical; LeBron Sees Knicks' Moves; Eddie Jordan Fired, and more...
What Went Down/What We Think 
We recap the day’s most interesting NBA news and rumours real quick-like.  Read on, catch up, comment.

Marcus Williams Wants to Be Traded from Golden State Warriors

Former UConn Husky and New Jersey Net (I now see what an astonishingly crappy nickname that is) Marcus Williams isn’t finding things to his liking in the Bay Area.  In fact, even with Monta Ellis on the inactive list for moped-related stupidity, Williams is catching bench splinters behind C.J. Watson and DeMarcus Nelson, both undrafted rookies.  With Al Harrington yet to even suit up after his departure from Oakland, Williams also wants out.

WWT Despite being about as polished on the court as Amy Winehouse’s teeth, Williams deserves more than waterboy status.  Still, many have trouble considering him an NBA talent even in light of his considerable promise, so it’s a question of finding the right situation for him to showcase his talent while working out the kinks.  He’d be perfect as a second-string point for a team in rebuilding mode.

Fun fact: I met Marcus Williams at Rucker Park a few weeks before he was due to be drafted.  While I didn’t recognise him initially (his hat was pulled low, and the young lady on his arm drew my eye away), a mutual friend of ours introduced him to me as "The only motherfucker in the park yellower than you" before giving his name.  Seriously, the dude could be an extra from The Simpsons, and next to him my bananaesque behind looked positively normal.

Since it was my turn to pick up the food that day, I set out for Jimbo’s in the gap between the evening’s games, leaving my laptop and camera with my buddies in the back of the bleachers.  Just as I reached the foot of the seating, I heard my friend call out "Yo, C.Y., you sure that’s wise?"  As I looked back, he gestured to the laptop before looking towards Marcus Williams and breaking out in fits of laughter.  If you don’t know why that’s equal parts funny and offensive, read this story.  To his credit, Marcus took the jab in good humour, and ever since then I’ve been a fan of his.

Cuttino Mobley Fails Physical; Could the Knicks Void the Deal?

WWD After claiming that the delay in the trade going through was due to "paperwork", the Knicks have revealed that things have been held up by Cuttino Mobley’s physical.

WWT When I first heard that Cat Mobley failed the physical, I assumed it was because he couldn’t stop crying about being moved further from Steve Francis.  It turns out that it may actually be a heart condition keeping the deal from going down, although it’s understood that the Knicks aren’t likely to void the deal.  That said, since Mobley is being brought in purely to help clear the cap in the summer, it could spell the end of his season.

Eddie Jordan Fired by Washington Wizards

WWD After an abysmal start to the season, the Wiz canned Eddie Jordan, with Ed Tapscott set to serve as his interim replacement.

WWT While pulling the plug on a 1-10 coach of a team that had made the playoffs in the four previous seasons may seem like a no-brainer, I was actually a little surprised to see this happen.  Gilbert Arenas recently made comments that suggested, to me at least, that D.C. were tanking in anticipation of a high draft pick, and in such scenarios the coach is usually granted immunity until midway through the following season.  Here, however, it appears as if the Wizards weren’t taking a socceresque dive but rather genuinely stinking the place up.

Zach Randolph Throws Stephon Marbury Under the Bus

WWD Zach Randolph: "Playing with a great point guard like (Baron Davis), it’s just going to be great.  He’s going to be the best point guard I ever played with."

WWT Apparently, in addition to looking like the world’s largest baby, Randolph is one of the league’s biggest bitches.  The rule holds true in both rap and hoops: no subliminals.  If you’re going to take a shot at Stephon Marbury, just come out and say it in plain English.  Still, maybe Z-Bo was smart not to take a direct shot.  While Marbles has been remarkably dignified throughout the recent mess at MSG, something like this just might be enough to push him over the edge.  If there’s one thing I know for damn sure, it’s that you don’t want to incite a man with any tattoos north of the neck.

Antonio McDyess Will Return to the Detroit Pistons

WWD After a few weeks of supposedly mulling offers from more than half the league, Antonio McDyess has committed to return to the Detroit Pistons.

WWT I would have put the house on Dice making his way back to MoTown the second he turned his back on the Nugs, and so would most observers of the NBA.  Since this saga has been drawn out over the course of a few weeks, I can only posit a few possible explanations:

1. His agent is an attention whore.
2. He’s an attention whore.
3. Both were expecting a big deal to materialise somewhere, and none did.

It’s between options one and three for me.  Perhaps you have different ideas.  Let us know if so.

LeBron James Keeping an Eye on the New York Knicks’ Moves

WWD LeBron James: "2010 is a big summer.  It’s two years away, but time goes fast.  We’ll see what happens.  You watch what’s going on…I figured that would happen.  They don’t care about the guys that were coming to the Knicks."

WWT This story is best viewed through the lens of middle-school sociology.  Have you ever been to one of those corny-ass dances in the gym where, inevitably, the boys and girls end up leaning on opposite walls, suspiciously eyeing one another?  No official advances are ever made, but occasionally a subtle look or coy smile will indicate to one of the would-be dancers that they’re ready to partner up. 

That’s how essentially how NBA negotiations work with the league-imposed restrictions on franchise-player interactions while the player is still under contract.  Right now, the Knicks are a flat-footed fat kid winking furiously in LeBron James’ direction.  No matter how unattractive the proposition may be, King James is evidently flattered by the attention, particularly given his fondness for New York.  The lure of a big city and a big payday from both the Knicks and Nike may not be enough to move, but this is the clearest indication yet that he’s open to the possibility.

Let us know what you think about today’s stories in the comment section.  Does Marcus Williams deserve a second chance somewhere else?  Could Cat Mobley be done for the year?  Why did McDyess leave it so long to announce his decision?  What’s the over/under on LeBron joining the Knicks in 2010?