Tuesday , Dec , 23 , 2008 C.Y. Ellis

New Jersey Nets: Bring Him in, Get Him out

New Jersey Nets: Bring Him in, Get Him outBeyond the annual tradition of shopping until your wallet bleeds, a lot of us people need a hobby, or sport, in our case to keep us sane.

In my scenario, I turn to my long time team, the New Jersey Nets. A team that feels nostalgia when it plays at home, because the audience highly resembles a high school game.

Regardless, I follow this team closely as they have started the season with a 13-13 record. With the 5-9 home record, you’d think this team was lottery bound. So far, not the case as the Nets are proving they play better away from the swamps of New Jersey. (8-4 road record)

Through the season, I follow each player, examining their role and how well they performing their role. I make my own opinions on whether these players should play a bigger role, or see a reduced playing time.

For starters, I have the exclusion list. The players who are the "go to" guys, who aren’t going anywhere because of their star power.


Vince Carter-If Vince is going anywhere this season, it’s not to the bench, it’s to another team. In the early going, Carter is averaging 22.9ppg while having several token Vince Carter games. Should Rod and Kiki decide to sell high on Vince? Or do they believe in this year’s roster?

Devin Harris-With the explosion of points for this lightning quick guard, came the attention from the league. Opponents have modified the defensive game plan, forcing Devin to his left, and becoming more physical. Has it worked? Yes and No. In the J Kidd return, Harris put up 41 points. Otherwise, Harris has seen the scoring dip a touch, in the low 20’s. But does it matter? The Blur is averaging 9 points per game more then last year’s campaign.

Bring him in, Get him out

Brook Lopez/Bring him in
t’s not like Brook hasn’t been playing heavy minutes, but the Nets have finally found the cornerstone big man they’ve been looking for. In his 19 starts since Josh Boone’s injury, Lopez has averaged 12.5 ppg, 8.5 rpg, and 2.31 bpg. Lopez has played so well, Lawrence Frank can’t honestly justify putting Josh Boone back in the starting lineup. Lopez is figuring out where to be on the floor with Vince and Devin, and that makes all the difference.

Yi Jianlian/Get him out
Trust me, I understand the upside argument, but the Nets are going to have to weigh options in terms of playing time for Yi. If you want to contend this year, Yi needs to be on the bench. All season he has been inconsistent, while it culminated in Yi being booed off the floor Saturday night at Izod. If Yi can’t hit open shots, then he’s useless, because saying his defense is bad would be understating the situation. Teams target Yi, and get him in foul trouble. My solution? A bench press, some lateral slides, and basketball observation from the bench.

Jarvis Hayes/Bring him in
A signing that has gone under the radar. Jarvis has consistently spread the floor for Devin and Vince, something Simmons and Yi haven’t done. Does this warrant him a starting gig? Not so fast, If I had a preference, I’d like to keep his scoring coming off the bench. More minutes? Probable, but lets take it slow and see where it goes.

Keyon Dooling/Bring him in
When I think of Keyon, I think of useful. He spells not only Devin Harris, but Vince Carter. Because of how poor the Nets are defensively, I’ll most likely be calling for more of Keyon’s ball pressure as the year goes on.

Bobby Simmons/Get him out
His 3 pt fg percentage may be misleading at a shade under 40 percent. Simmons has continued to be a streak shooter, something you may not want to live and die by. Like Harris, word gets around the league when you have any success. What’s Bobby’s weakness? Putting the ball on the floor. If you chase him off the line, your doing the right thing, Simmons is very prone to turnovers. If Simmons can’t get it together, maybe the Nets acquire a wing player. I personally think Matt Barnes would of been perfect to start on this Nets roster.

Ryan Anderson/Bring him in
Simply put, Anderson deserves a lot more minutes than Yi. He gives you intangibles, good ability to finish around the basket off of help, and his 3 point stroke is surprisingly consistent. I’m not saying you need to crown the guy, but rewarding fine play is always good logic.

Josh Boone/Unknown
Boone has just returned from a ankle injury, only to see his starting spot disappear. Boone can be a solid fall back if Lopez hits the rookie wall. But if Boone is stuck to the bench, can he adjust to his role? Time will tell

Stromile Swift/Get him out
Stro has had some decent moments this season in limited time, but i’m not a Stro Swift guy. Yes, we all know he’s a bust, but besides that, I can’t expect consistent hard play from Swift. Sorry, but I call it like I see it.

Trenton Hassell/Bring him in
In the last couple of weeks, Trenton Hassell has found a role with this team, rebounding coupled with taking tough defensive assignments. Often his presence offensively means teams will not respect his ability to spread the floor, which means Hassell needs to keep hitting open looks.

Chris Douglas-Roberts/unknown
Another player has returned from injury, but in this case, doesn’t seem to be in this years plans. Unless the Nets start to tank, which is possible, then I see CDR getting some burn.

Sean Williams/Get him out(keep him out)
Back to the doghouse for Sean Williams. Though he hasn’t said anything publicly, it’s known he wants out of New Jersey. But how about the D-League? Play against lesser competition, develop, and develop your body while your at it. And don’t forget, stay away from the piff.

Eduardo Najera/Bring him in
Often banged up this year, Najera would be trusted option off the bench for defense, intangibles, and to a certain extent, leadership. Guys like Najera are often overlooked in teams that are contenders.

Maurice Ager/Don’t waste my time
Still on the team?

That will do it for the holiday version of "Bring him in, Get him out". I would like to wish everyone a safe and happy holiday. If it’s a very Merry Christmas, we’ll find ourselves some time for the Lakers/Celtics on ABC.