Monday , Jan , 19 , 2009 C.Y. Ellis

Does a postseason berth give Lawrence Frank the Coach of the Year award?

Does a postseason berth give Lawrence Frank the Coach of the Year award?As the season goes on, much of the attention will turn towards the seasonal awards, and in the category I’d like to focus on, Coach of the Year.

Sure, Mike Brown’s Cavaliers are having a great season, dominating at home. And the same goes for candidates such as Phil Jackson, Stan Van Gundy, Doc Rivers, and Greg Popovich. But who didn’t predict this?

If you want to tell me Greg Popovich, I won’t argue with you too much because of early injuries to Tony Parker and Manu Ginobili. Keep in mind though, Tim Duncan hasn’t gone anywhere this season. It’s to my recollection that this Duncan guy is pretty good.

Now, think of little Larry Frank. A majority of Nets fan still refuse to give this guy credit, but what he’s done with this current squad must be known to the rest of the league, especially when it comes time to hand out awards.

Remember, most predicted this team to not even break 25 wins. Currently, they stand with 19 wins with about a month to go before the all star break.

You can tell me Frank has benefited from the emergence of soon to be all star Devin Harris.

You can sing that to me all night…It doesn’t matter

I’ll sing back "Who’s the one who reconstructed the whole offense to compliment Devin’s speed and quickness?"

Sure, I may not be able to hit a high note, but it doesn’t mean I’m not right about the situation down in the swamp.

It’s not just about Devin Harris either. You can circle around Vince Carter’s fine play and leadership (which many thought was in serious decline), the emergence of Nets rookie’s not named CDR, and the restocked Nets bench that serves a bunch a roles, from hustle plays to stretching the floor for the go to guys.

One rookie to take note of is Brook Lopez. Brook has shown more consistency on the offensive end by tracking the basketball off of Carter and Harris drives, but he’s been a solid rock on the other side of the floor. Lopez’s rebounding average continues to climb, currently at 8.2 per contest. While the swats per game is 3rd in the NBA, at 2.8 per game.

With all this being said, if the Nets can stay healthy, they look like a team that can at least make a run at the sixth seed in the Eastern Conference.

The Nets are playing with house money in my opinion. Regardless of what happens at the conclusion of this season, the development of the roster has left optimism for future years. Who knew it would be this quick.

Are the Nets stocked enough for a playoff birth? Will Lawrence Frank win coach of the year? Make your thoughts known in the comments section