Monday , Jan , 26 , 2009 C.Y. Ellis

Defense and aggressive Rondo tell story for Celtics

Defense and aggressive Rondo tell story for CelticsI think a lot of us saw this coming.

A 2-7 skid had some wondering about the defending NBA champions. Their calling card which hung on defense, suddenly had disappeared. And offensively, the champs lost their "make the extra pass" mentality. The ball was sticking, and the Celtics weren’t winning.

But who actually thought this would last?

When the Celtics were going through their rough patch, I said one thing:

"You better beat them up now, because when the switch flips back to normal, the Celtics defense will lock down harder than ever"

Sure enough, the Celtics would get back to their physical brand of defense that rarely misses a rotation. But with all this being said, I can’t forget Rajon Rondo’s strong play.

Rajon Rondo
When facing the big three, your game plan must include in big letters "Make Rondo beat us". You can’t fault that, it’s simply the best option out there.

The reality is Rajon’s biggest weakness revolves around his shooting. When teams literally dare you to shoot, it can be a drag on your confidence. Especially for a young player. On bad nights, Rondo could let his struggles from the perimeter affect his aggressive mentality. Something you do not want to see. Because with Rajon’s quickness, he could still blow by defenders sagging off of him. That’s how much speed and quickness Rajon possesses.

Doc Rivers has a simple rebuttal for the way Rondo is defended…

"Always be willing to take that shot, always be aggressive"

It’s no coincidence in that Rondo’s fine play has run parallel with the Celtics latest winning streak. A aggressive Rondo makes it a tougher decision to leave him on defense, in order to throw another body at the big three.

Rondo should be an all star. He may not be a conventional one, but he’s well balanced on both ends of the floor. Rondo was instrumental in the Celtics NBA Championship last year, and should no longer be listed as a question mark in the Celtics championship aspirations.

Worth Noting
The Celtics bench has really slipped back into form. Unfortunately, it has coincided with Tony Allen missing time with an injury. The bench has kept the ball movement going, Big baby now hits perimeter shots, and Eddie House continues to light the net on fire from long range.

Could a Tony Allen return and possible addition of Stephon Marbury destroy the flow of the Celtic bench?

I doubt it. When you have a leader like KG who literally can berate a teammate into crying, it sets a tone for others to follow.

If Tony Allen returns to the rotation and decides he rather not pass the ball, then Doc Rivers will sit him down and make sure he doesn’t sniff any court time other than in garbage moments.

What do you guys think of the Celtics’ recent eight game winning streak? Does Boston still hold enough pieces to get to the Finals again? Leave us a comment down below.