Monday , Feb , 09 , 2009 C.Y. Ellis

Sound off: Steve Kerr

Sound off: Steve KerrForgive me if I’m not the first one to voice my displeasure regarding Steve Kerr, but this couldn’t wait.

Somebody please explain to me what this guy is doing?

It was a little bit over a year ago to this day when Steve Kerr pulled the trigger on a trade that sent forward Shawn Marion and guard Marcus Banks to the Heat in exchange for center Shaquille O’Neal.

I didn’t like the trade a year ago. And I certainly don’t like it now.

I know, it’s easy to go on a rant right now after the Suns’ playoff disappointment last year, or the level of play this year that’s certainly not up to expectations. But it’s more then that.

It’s about the future crumbling, and taking your shot with O’Neal who is near his 37th birthday, and obviously past his prime.

The future is Amar’e Stoudemire. I understand fans in Phoenix, along with the team, have been turned off by STAT’s lack of progress on the defensive end. Plus, his ability to be vocal about the dissatisfaction with the team’s current offense…

"You’ve got LeBron James who’s a featured guy. You’ve got Dwyane Wade. He’s a featured guy. Dwight Howard? They go to him. Chris Bosh? They go to him. Bottom line: I want to be that guy. I want to show the league and the world that I feel like my game has improved to that level."

I understand how ownership and fans would not appreciate his comments, but should you, as a fan of the Suns, be voicing your frustration towards STAT? I’m honestly inclined to agree with Amar’e. And you could disagree with me, but I know for a fact lots of NBA teams out there would die for the headache nicknamed "STAT". Chicago, Portland, Miami, and New Jersey are all said to have interest.

If Stoudemire indeed is traded, all heads should turn to Steve Kerr.

Lets get this out there. Amar’e is a stud, gifted with great athletic ability for his size, and a much more refined offensive game since his arrival into the NBA. His athletic ability means potential on the defensive end.

So how about this? You build around this very gifted player who has yet to hit his 27th birthday. You try to keep him happy, because we all see this in professional sports, the happier the player is, the better he performs. (Shall I reference Manny Ramirez?)

We probably wouldn’t be talking about Amar’e right now if Kerr hadn’t acquired O’Neal, and hadn’t brought in a coach who’s asking players to not play towards their skills. It wouldn’t take a rocket scientist to notice Steve Nash isn’t happy playing in a half court system, but to Nash’s credit, he’s kept it on the DL.

I’ll say it again: If I were from Phoenix I’d want Kerr to make this right, or take a hike. The last thing Phoenix needs, and the league for that matter, is another Isiah Thomas .