Tuesday , Nov , 30 , 1999 C.Y. Ellis

Video: Stephon Marbury Sounds Happy, Sane

Video: Stephon Marbury Sounds Happy, SaneDespite taking more criticism from the press than anything but the stimulus package and the Republic of Cuba, in this video Stephon Marbury appears as happy as anyone to chat it up with a reporter.  What’s more, he seems as sane as you could expect anyone with a tattooed head to be, even if he does describe his recent training plan as "Shooting, lifting, hiking."

Incidentally, what happens to the Starbury logo (which incorporates a stylised "3") now that Marbles is sporting the ocho?  Are they going to have to add a little ink to his dome to reflect the change?  Whatever the case, let’s hope that things work out better for Steph than they did for the last dude to rock the eight jersey in Beantown.