Tuesday , Nov , 30 , 1999 C.Y. Ellis

Shaq Spits Acid at Stan Van Gundy, Dwight Howard, Patrick Ewing

Shaq Spits Acid at Stan Van Gundy, Dwight Howard, Patrick EwingThis is a war of words, and I needn’t add any more.  Read on to see what was said when Stan stepped up to Shaq and Shaq spat back.

Stan Van Gundy on Shaq flopping
I was shocked, seriously, shocked. And very disappointed cause he knows what it’s like. Lets stand up and play like men, and I think our guy did that tonight.

Shaquille O’Neal in response
He (Howard) came with the same old, stale Patrick Ewing move so I tried to stand there and take the charge. The new rules say if you come through, you fall. But as I fell, I realized that it was a flop and it reminded me of Coach Van Gundy’s whole coaching career. The one thing I despise is a frontrunner. First of all, none of his players like him. When it gets tough, he will become the master of panic like he did before and he will quit like he did before. The one thing I despise is frontrunners. Yeah, he’s got a young team playing good but don’t be a frontrunner. Him and his brother and even the legend on the bench ain’t done what I’ve done in my whole career. So flopping would be the wrong choice of words.
I just tried to take a charge. The fucking rules say you can’t stand there and get hit. You’ve got to fall.  He got the same old stinking move that Patrick Ewing has been doing his whole career. I went down, got up and didn’t complain. I see him and Stan complaining the whole game because they’ve got to. Remember, I’ve done more than him, his brother and Patrick Ewing.
Stan Van Gundy reminds me of a broke navigational system. He knows everything about everything but ain’t never been nowhere. Think about that. If I’m right here and I type in the address of where you’re going, I know where it’s at but I’m not going there.
When a bum says some shit about it and I respond, you can fucking cancel that cuz I know how he is in real life. We’ll see when the playoffs start and he fucking panics and quits like he did when he was here (in Miami). And you fucking print it just like that. Do I look soft to you like you can say something and I’m not going to say something?

Notice they didn’t play me straight up. We’ll see how far they go cuz I know Stan. I said this a long time ago but I was actually talking about him: ‘When the general panics, the troops will panic. Like in business, when the head panics and takes out all his stock, what happens?
All the players hate him. The players don’t even like him. I hate frontrunners. I really do. I don’t like any frontrunners. There’s a pecking order involved. I’ve been there six times.
I ain’t going to let no bum like him rip me and not say anything back. You can cancel that shit all the way. Usually, I let shit go. Not that. Not him. Hell no.
The rules say when a guy goes through your chest you’ve got to fall to get the call. It was a flop. You’ve watched me play for 17 years. I don’t play like that.
I’m not going to sit around and let nobodies take a shot at me and he is a nobody to me. And if he thinks he can get in a little press conference and take shots at me like I’m not going to say something back, he’s got another thing coming.

Expect apologies, retractions and repercussions in the coming days.  Let us know what you think about Shaq’s comments by leaving a message below.