Friday , Apr , 03 , 2009 C.Y. Ellis

Weakside Sound-off: Bynum at the mansion; Al Harrington thinks he’s a Knick long term

Weakside Sound-off: Bynum at the mansion; Al Harrington thinks he's a Knick long termIf you’ve read “Weakside Sound off” before, you’ve gotten the idea that I’m highly agitated. Well, here I am again, highly agitated, and ready to spit fire at anything that pisses me off. If you have any views to get across, let them be known below.

Al Harrington speaks with Travis Heath about conversations between himself and Donnie Walsh

"I know that Donnie (Walsh) wants me here long-term, and I’ve talked to him about that," Harrington explained. "I know (Mike D’Antoni) likes what I do out there on the court, so I can’t worry about what that organization or outside stuff is about. As far as I know, behind closed doors, they appreciate what I’m doing and want me around."

Do the Knicks really want you around long term? I’m sorry, but after watching your “rim chin-ups” that were so important that you had to cost your team wins on two separate occasions, I highly doubt Walsh would want to deal with a headache long term after finally ridding themselves of Marbury.

I’m sure Donnie Walsh and Mike D’Antoni are just blowing smoke up your behind. Why? Trade Value. Harrington will pick up his player option for next season, and Donnie rather attempt to trade a player before the deadline that isn’t destroying his own value by opening his mouth. So keep him happy, tell him he’s a superstar,(even though he’s not) and maybe you’ll be able to get a decent piece in return for Harrington.

Bynum at the Playboy Mansion

This stuff I get annoyed about, and I’m not directly annoyed about Lakers center Andrew Bynum being at the Playboy mansion. I get annoyed that media outlets portray him not to be rehabbing his knee, because he’s at the mansion.

The Lakers are paying this kid a lot of money, so if he’s not doing what he’s supposed to be doing, then I’m sure Mitch Kupchak would know and be on top of it. And FYI, Bynum works as hard as anybody.

Bynum being at the Playboy Mansion is not going to hurt his knee, so if this young fella wants to take advantage of his celebrity by doing his thing with some playmates, then let him have his fun. He’s not breaking any laws the last time I checked.

Are Lawrence Frank’s days as the longest tenured Eastern Conference coach over?

No one can say for sure right now, but rumors out of Jersey suggest that Nets management is torn as to whether keep Frank on for next season or look in another direction.(Eddie Jordan Anybody?)

Speaking from a Nets fan’s perspective, the effort displayed by the team in losses to Minnesota and Milwaukee while still fighting for the 8th spot was pathetic. Losing to Milwaukee by 30 at home is unacceptable. No offense to Scott Skiles who has done a good job regardless of injuries, but that’s a game you have to show up for.
By making a educated guess, I would have to assume Eddie Jordan would have interest in the Nets job if it became available. Unless he still holds animosity from when he was passed over for Lawrence Frank after the Byron Scott firing.