Sunday , Jan , 17 , 2010 C.Y. Ellis

Video: LeBron James vs. Shannon Brown in HS Dunk Contest

Video: LeBron James vs. Shannon Brown in HS Dunk ContestIf you hadn’t heard the word, the competitors in the 2010 Sprite Slam Dunk Contest will be announced tomorrow.  Naturally, that got me thinking about the annual dunk-off and, in particular, whom I’d like to see competing.  After a little head-scratching, clip-watching and coin-flipping, I narrowed it down to…actually, I didn’t.  The more time I spent working on the list, the longer it got.  By the time I pulled the plug on my little exercise, the list was a dozen names long.

What I did manage to establish, however, was that I really wanted to see LeBron James and Shannon Brown in the final round.  With markedly different physiques and dunking styles, this pairing would provide some nice variety in the final dunk-off, albeit less than Dwight Howard and Nate Robinson did last year.  With that established, I decided to hunt for clips showcasing each player’s in-air abilities to determine who’d have the better shot at taking home the trophy.  It was a few minutes into this task that I remembered that LeBron James and Shannon Brown had, in fact, gone head-to-head in a slam dunk contest some time ago.

For those who can’t remember how it went down, check out the clips below to see LeBron James and Shannon Brown duke it out in the 2003 McDonald’s High School Dunk Contest, with Charlie Villanueva, Von Wafer and JR Giddens also making an appearance.  Should LeBron have been named the winner?  Could Brown take him if they faced off again?  Let us know what you think by dropping a comment in the box below.