Saturday , May , 05 , 2012 Paul Eide

Is Carlos Boozer DONE?

Man, it sure looks like it. In the midst of a dire stretch where the Bulls have needed someone to step-up, Carlos Boozer has been nowhere to be seen. After being traded and signed to a five year, $75 million dollar deal, Boozer has delivered nearly two years of subpar play. The frustration for Bulls fans has culminated this postseason.

After losing reigning MVP Derrick Rose torn ACL in game one, it set up a scenario where the team desperately needed him to produce and everyone knew it, except for maybe Boozer. Shaq called him out at half time of game two. A week before that, it was Scottie Pippen.

Instead of stepping up, Boozer was his typically unimpressive self, going 4-10 from the floor and contributing a meager 9 points and five rebounds.

In game three Boozer took 17 shots, one more than he took combined in games one and two, and finally looked somewhat aggressive but in that demure, laid back way that Bulls fans have grown to dislike. In three games versus the Sixers, Boozer is averaging 12 ppg, 7.3 rpg and 66% from the free throw line- all career playoff lows.

Losing Joakim Noah to a badly sprained ankle in game three puts even more of the spotlight on his lack of production thus far and only heightens expectations because the Bulls NEED him to do something, anything.

With three years and roughly $50 million dollars left on his contract, and as the 25th highest paid player in the NBA, he’s forcing the Bulls to make a decision about his future with the team this offseason- couldn’t Taj Gibson produce just as much or more if given Boozer’s  minutes? And, at a fraction of the cost.

For fans who thought his performance last year sucked, 2011-12 has been even worse. Is Carlos Boozer not only done as a Bull, but as the productive NBA player he once was?