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Derrick Rose Maybe Out for an Entire Year

Derrick Rose Maybe Out For An Entire Season

Hoopsvibes Very Quick Call:  Rose may not even play one regular season game next year.

My heart bleeds for Derrick Rose.

Just 18 days ago, on April 28th, Rose was playing in game 1 of the Bulls’ opening playoff series against the 76ers.  In the final minutes of that game, Rose made a jump cut in the lane, landed funny, and went down holding his knee. 

It was at that moment that the hearts of most basketball fans, and definitely every Chicago Bulls fan, sank.

In the 37 minutes and 13 seconds Derrick Rose played in that opening playoff game, he had 23 points, 9 rebounds, and 9 assists.  One rebound and one assist short of a triple double.  A great performance by anyone’s standards.  A performance synonymous with the year Rose was having.

An MRI later confirmed what we all (again, especially members of the Bulls organization) feared: the star point guard had torn his ACL and would be out indefinitely.

The Rose-less Bulls, who finished tied with San Antonio for the best regular season record, eventually lost to Philadelphia in 6 games.

Well, yesterday, team doctor, Brian Cole, announced in a press conference that it could be over a YEAR before Rose is cleared to play. 

“Sometimes shorter, sometimes longer.  It could take him more than a year to be back to pre-surgery level level of performance,” Cole stated.  He went on to say the best case scenario for Rose’s return would be to see him playing by January or February of 2013.

By the sounds of it, however, I wouldn’t count on that.

As much as I will remain positive that Rose will rehab and once again be running the floor and dominating at the point guard position for Chicago, I can’t help but feel devastated for the organization and mainly, Rose himself.

Thibodeau has done such a good job as the head coach of that team and Rose has always proven to be one of the more humble, likeable superstar talents in the league. 

Rose’s injury makes the offseason a little more interesting for Chicago, who has already stated that the 23-year old star will still be their guy when he returns.  Regardless, the team may have to make some unforeseen changes to prepare for his absence.  After all, even if Rose comes back by the end of next season, there are still concerns.  Will his minutes be limited?  Will he be able to synch with a team that hasn’t played with him all year?  Will the Bulls even be in a position to make the playoffs?  And if not, would it really be worth trying to have him play at the end of the regular season?

The positive thing to note is that Derrick Rose is such a ridiculous athlete that if anyone can recover well and return, it’s him.  Also, he’s known for being a hard worker so you can bet he will put everything he has into his rehabilitation.

It will be interesting to see how everything plays out with Chicago.  In the meantime, I know I’m not the only one who wishes D. Rose a speedy and healthy recovery.

No one would deserve it more.

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Image source:  AP images