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Isiah Thomas Wants Back In; Quick, Look Busy NBA

Isiah Thomas wants to get a basketball job, any basketball job. So if you have one, be sure to hit him up.

HoopsVibe Very Quick Call: This is ridiculous.
But just like any potential job seeker, his prior body of work i.e. his resume must be reviewed. If we did that he’d be akin to a lawyer who got disbarred; he may know the law, but he has no idea how it functions.

Here is the bottom line: There is no place for him in the NBA.
But my question is how did he even get the job at Florida International University, the one he was fired from back in April, to begin with? I guess I can understand the draw of his name to potential recruits, and hey, if you’re FIU’s AD, it’s worth a shot. All you can do is hope he treats your school/team better than he treated the CBA about a decade ago. And after three years and a 26-65 record, he was fired.
But just like at FIU, everywhere he goes, everything he touches becomes a sub .500 franchise or organization. Or worse. “Zeke” got fired from the Knicks four years ago and only now do they look like a functional, NBA squad. And that’s not even bringing up the sexual harassment case he lost, that the Knicks paid the tab on.
The NBA is strange compared to other pro leagues in that when it comes to hiring coaches/managers it will recycle a particular name until it barely has any pulse left at all, even after the relevance and coaching skills are gone. Paul Westphal, I’m looking at you. Rick Adelman, I think you smell what I’m cooking. It even goes back a generation further than that i.e. Thad Motta, Doug Moe, etc.
Meanwhile, Brian Shaw can’t get anything other than an assistant’s job for the Pacers.
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