Monday , May , 28 , 2012 HoopsVibe News

On Location: Is San Antonio Really That Boring?

Is San Antonio really that boring? We sent Mike down to SA to find out.

HoopsVibe’s Very Quick Call: Zzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

Full disclosure, I really like the Spurs. I like the team. I like the way they are humble. And I like the way they win. Having lived in Los Angeles for a while now, I have to also admit though, San Antonio is significantly slower. It’s understandable that fans from bigger markets like NYC or LA look at San Antonio and think it’s boring. Maybe it is boring, but hey … maybe that’s part of the charm or the Spurs too. 

Did you see the huge celebration the Knicks had when they won 1 … yes 1, playoff game? The Spurs have rattled off 9 straight playoff wins this post season and go about it like it’s business as usual. 

With that said, I’m here in San Antonio this playoff run to get a feel for the city, the fans, and the team. Here are the results of game 1 in San Antonio.

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