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Boston Celtics vs Miami Heat Preview: Heat Will be Too Strong

Boston Celtics vs Miami Heat Preview:  Heat Will be Too Strong

Hoopsvibe’s Very Quick Call:  Nothing but respect for Boston, but James and Wade will be too tough to stop.

For the third consecutive year, the Boston Celtics and Miami Heat are set to meet in the playoffs.

And this time, a trip to the NBA finals is on the line.

It is the fifth time in seven years that we will see either Boston or Miami winning the Eastern Conference championship.  Game 1 of the Eastern Conference finals is tonight at 8:30 EST at American Airlines Arena in Miami; and given the history between these two teams, I think we’re all going to watch some hard fought playoff basketball.

While the Celtics may have taken three out of the four games against the Heat in this regular season, we all know that at this point, that doesn’t matter.  Last season, the Heat knocked Boston out of the playoffs in five games, but that doesn’t matter much either.

“I wouldn’t have it no other way, personally,” Lebron James said about playing the Celts.  “We’ve got a lot of history.”

But history only means so much now.  Both teams have talent.

On his impression of the Celtics being an older, tired team, Wade said, “I don’t believe none of that.  No feet hurtin’, no tired, no nothing.  This is the Boston Celtics.  They’re all 100 percent to me because when they play the Miami Heat, different ballgame and vice versa.”

At the end of the series, the winner will be the team who plays harder.

And even though the Heat will be playing the majority of the series, if not all of it, without center Chris Bosh, I think they are too young and too explosive for a Boston team that needed seven games to beat the 76ers.  Boston has a great coach in Doc Rivers, a premier point guard in Rajon Rondo, and are led by veterans Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett, but I don’t think that will be enough to beat the Heat this year.

Lebron James and Dwayne Wade will just be too much for Boston to stop and Miami will wrap up the series in 5 games.


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Image Source:  AP Images