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NBA Board Approves Changes to Uniforms, Gameplay

NBA Board Approves Changes to Uniforms, Gameplay

The associated press announced late yesterday that the NBA Board of Governors has approved changes to both uniforms and game play for upcoming seasons.

Hoopsvibe’s Quick Call:  The NBA is a business and business is good.

NBA commissioner David Stern said the league is looking to increase revenues by roughly $100 million by permitting small advertising patches to be sewn into uniforms beginning as early as the 2013-14 NBA season.

“The view is, that the teams would need a significant time; one, to sell the patch; and number two, for Adidas to manufacture the uniforms, because the patch that would be on the players’ uniforms would also appear on the jerseys at retail,” said Deputy Commissioner Adam Silver, the man in charge of coordinating the change.

Essentially, in the very near future, we can all expect to see NBA uniforms beginning to look like European soccer jerseys, patched with company logos.  I wonder how the world will respond to this??

My guess is, with the popularity of the NBA on an international level growing exponentially every year, the world will at first be a little skeptical but then quickly embrace the change as it becomes the new norm. 

It will definitely be interesting to see how many people buy Miami Heat jerseys with Fiat logos patched on, for example.

The Board also announced that the competition committee has altered a few rules that come into effect in the final two minutes of the game.  Starting as early as next season, officials will now be able to utilize video replay in the final two minutes of the game to decide whether or not a defender was in the restricted area when they took a charge.  Additionally, replay will be used in the final minutes to determine whether or not a block was actually a goal tend.

In the fall, the NBA Board will also meet to discuss the penalty for flopping, which was a huge problem that plagued the NBA this season, especially in the playoffs.

“Our ratings are up 28 percent over the last decade, while television rating are down around 30 percent the last decade.  We are going to have our best year ever, both in gate and sponsorship this coming year,” commissioner David Stern said.

Say what you want about David Stern but one thing is for certain:

The guy knows how to bring dollars to the game.

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Image source:  AP Images.